Types of Fashion Styles – How many categories of fashion are there?

Types of Fashion Styles

Personal style, or as it is more commonly universally known as “style,” is how an individual expresses themselves through their aesthetic choices of what they are wearing on their body, and accessories to complement their clothing style. It is how they try to put an outfit together that can qualify as style. There can be various types of fashion styles with people preferring one over the other, like casual, artsy, vintage, etc. This article will discuss various types of fashion styles that are very in line with the world’s fashion trends.

Vintage Style

Vintage clothing consists mainly of the old classy looks and exquisite. Vintage fashion is the clothing in trend, worn by everybody during a specific period in the past. The same clothing trend is now being back in mainstream fashion. For example, Flapper Dresses from the 1920s are back in trend.

The various kinds of clothing trends that were famous in the past that have come back in mainstream fashion are Denims, Capris, High boots, Skirts are some of the vintage fashion styles that are entirely in trend now. It is one of the various types of personal styles that are now aesthetically pleasing thus adopted by many people.

Artsy Style

Artsy is one style trend that has caught the eye of quite some people in the fashion world. The artsy style of fashion makes one have a style statement of their own. The idea of an artsy clothing style is to make something unconventional and away from traditional styling.

This style involves some very bold and bright colors, with prints that feature an exaggeration by its nature. The clothes of this style usually have unusual silhouettes and some weirdly unique shapes.

The artsiest style consists of styles that come into existence by the skill of the hand. This is one of the types of personal style generally adopted by college students. To achieve this look, one can use leggings and pair them with an asymmetrical tunic.

Casual Style

Casual style is what one might wear on the weekends. This consists of jeans, comfortable T-shirts, along with sneakers or flat boots. It is debatable as to what exactly can qualify as casual style as both streetwear and sporty style are seen by many as types of casual styles. Casual style can also be hip clothes or boho-chic clothes.

Preppy Style

preppy style

Preppy style constitutes and is inspired by the clothing and uniforms people wear at private East Coast prep schools of the United States of America and Ivy League colleges. Preppy style constitutes mostly upper-class clothing items like polo shirts, Oxford shirts, argyle sweaters, socks, cloth-wrapped headbands, boat shoes, blazers, pearls, cardigans, khaki pants.

Grunge Style

grunge style

The grunge style of fashion takes inspiration from Grunge music, a subculture that originated in Seattle in the 80s and 90s. Grunge Style consists of various clothing items that one can find in thrift stores like plaid flannel shirts, oversize knits, and feminine dresses styled messily.

It also consists of other clothing times like ripped jeans, ripped tights, unkempt haircuts, black boots, darker shades of accessories, and a darker theme of clothing and styling.

Bohemian Style

Bohemian style of fashion also referred to as “boho” or “boho-chic,” borrows from the 1960s hippie and music festival culture. This fashion style stands on earthy tones, natural fabrics dyes, prints, and accessories that come from all around the world.

The pillars of the boho fashion style are flowing maxi dresses, long skirts, bell-bottom pants, large brimmed hats, fringe, suede, slouchy handbags. It is also accessorized with chunky jewelry that goes excellently with the outfit. For footwear, one should go for flat sandals or ankle boots.

Sporty Style

Sporty Style of fashion, also known as athleisure, consists of main elements of athletic wear, i.e., the kind of clothing one uses when one is engaging in physically strenuous activity. The leading exponents of the sporty style fashion are leggings, bike shorts, oversize sweatshirts.

Sports style, even though it supposedly should be worn in gyms it has however in the last few years has spilled onto the streets for people who want to be comfortable in the clothes they wear. Pairing up a sweatshirt with a t-shirt and gym leggings is an outfit now that is very common.

Classic Style

classic style

Classic Style is a whole term that goes to mean a polished, smart look that basically incorporates everyday business look like blazers, suits, pencil skirts, etc. This is a professional look and is best suited for being in an office or a professional environment.

Classic style is basically a business look or a professional look wearing which one might attend a work meeting or a get together after office it works for both the cases. Layering one’s business suit with a trench coat helps one achieve this look

Thus, this concludes the various fashion styles that are prevalent in the modern fashion world. Barring the ones mentioned in the article, there are also large numbers of styles that are in trend in the fashion world and are very popular.

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