Types Of Aesthetics

Types Of Aesthetics

Resurfacing Y2K fashion, Gen Z is not shy about showcasing its fashion choices while paying respect to notable trends. Words like cottage core and dark academia, which were unheard of a few years back, are now everywhere on the internet. You may be completely unfamiliar with some types of aesthetics such as cottage core, dark academia, etc. Finding an aesthetic that fits your personality may feel overwhelming. However, there’s nothing to stress about. This article will talk about the various aesthetics and help you figure out your aesthetic. You can recreate some stunning ideas and add them to your wardrobe.


The name of this aesthetic derives from a photo-editing application known as Visco. A typical VSCO outfit will include white sneakers, oversized t-shirts, and a pair of denim jeans. Scrunchies, backpacks, sandals with socks are some of the iconic VSCO accessories. Hairstyles for people with a VSCO aesthetic usually include messy buns.

Trinkets like charms or shell necklaces are the accessories of a VSCO aesthetic. This aesthetic gives off a very low-key and cool vibe. There is another aesthetic under VSCO known as the dark VSCO. It has similar themes, but the latter is darker and more mature.

Dark VSCO colors include muted colors like black, grey, white, etc. Hoodies, neutral tops, jeggings, etc., are the outfits under this aesthetic.

Cottage core

It is a type of aesthetic that displays a dreamy land that is surrounded by natural beauty. You will live in a cute and tiny cottage and wear nightgowns that use satin for its making. Cottage core aesthetic is blissful and amazingly beautiful.

Cottage core fashion generally falls into one of two categories: a hyper-feminine, modernized perception of historical fashion or a more pragmatic and cozy attire with quirky elements.

Cottage core’s colors are typically natural or faded, such as baby pink, maroon, beige, ochre, olive green, ivory, baby blue, light yellow, and dusty rose pink. The fabrics that one uses for its manufacture are also natural, like linen, cotton, knitted yarn, and so on.

Long and flowy dresses and skirts that have laces are some of the basic cottage core clothing. Blouses, puffy sleeves, and buttons, along with simple accessories and hats, perfectly fit into the idea of this aesthetic.


Grunge refers to a dark and edgy style that makes you reminisce about the 80s and 90s eras. Flannel shirts and denim became the staple outfit for famous band members during that time. Thrift stores became a thing back then since these outfits were bought from them.

While men wore flannel shirts and ripped jeans, women started embracing chokers and mesh pieces along with them. This aesthetic went out of trend during the late 90s but is currently again resurfacing due to the GenZ.


The aesthetic of E girl refers to an electronic girl, i.e., someone who has good knowledge about the internet. They must also spend the majority of their time surfing online. The features of this aesthetic derive mainly from anime aesthetics. It typically includes silver jewelry, chokers, overdramatic makeup, and dyed hair.

Emotional, gothic, and grunge animes inspire this aesthetic. The clothing includes sleeveless fashion choices or outfits of anime characters. People of this aesthetic love doing cosplays. Freckles, heavy blush, eyeliner with wings are some of the basic makeup styles for the e-girl aesthetic.

Fairy core

The basis of the theme for the fairy core aesthetic is fantasy and fairy tales. It predominantly covers fairies and other fantasy mythologies. The aesthetic manifests soft pastel colors, nature, butterflies, flowers, glitters, etc. It gives a springtime vibe and is similar to cottage core and pixie core aesthetics.

Fairy core aesthetic fashion is very soft and subtle. It consists of lace dresses, corsets, puffy and glittery dresses, etc. The jewelry and accessories are very minimal. They consist of simple necklaces, bracelets, ribbons, and bows.

The hair is generally left open or loose buns, and braids are made under this fashion aesthetic. If you want, you even add flower crowns, vests, open-toe shoes, and moonstone rings.

Dark academia

Greek art, writing, literature, along with some gothic elements, influence the dark academia aesthetic. The emphasis on education under this aesthetic adds a very preppy and vintage look to it. The dark academia aesthetic is all about replicating and recreating the looks of old private schools.

This aesthetic gives an autumn-esque vibe and incorporates silhouettes, a dark palette, tweed pants, fine cardigans, crewneck sweaters, and button-down oxfords. It is a very popular aesthetic and revolves around classical literature. The core appeal of this aesthetic is to romanticize education and life moments.

Vintage dresses get more emphasis under this aesthetic. Skirts with pleats, striped ties, sweater vests, etc., are some of the common outfit ideas. It brings out a very Victorian romantic and royal vibe with its fashion.

Light academia

The background of light academia is similar to dark academia. However, the only slight difference is the color palette. Light academia includes hues and shades, such as whites, cream, soft beige, etc. It looks very relaxing and cozy since the use of fabrics like cotton, cashmere, linen, and corduroy are common.

It visualizes classical antiquity and focuses on western architecture. It gives off a very soft and neutral vibe. Blazers, sweater vests, turtlenecks, dress pants, trench coats are some of the basic light academia aesthetics. Accessories include ribbons, glasses, pearls, hair clips, watches, leather belts, etc.

So, therefore, the above-mentioned aesthetics will help you in finding your aesthetic. Look through each one of them and go for the one you love. If you already have an aesthetic of your own, then it’s time to switch things up a bit. These various types of aesthetics will help you in bringing a fashionable change in your lives.

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