Summer Casual Wedding Attire For Male Guests


An outdoor wedding in the summertime is the stuff of dreams for the typical Sartorialist. But that can provide a sticky problem if you’re not the kind of gentleman who can tell a voile cloth from a wool blend. The main characteristic of summer is that it is typically hot, in addition to being the most popular season for weddings. Putting on a dark, three-piece suit and a thick cotton shirt in those circumstances was, to put it mildly, not ideal.

It takes a certain level of skill to show up to a summer wedding looking put together and not turn into a puddle even before speeches start. In fact, to the uninformed, it may appear to be witchcraft. But it’s not supernatural. And any guy can carry off a summer wedding with the correct knowledge.

What To Wear To A Summer Wedding?


We have a complete breakdown of what to dress to a summer wedding now that we are aware of the general guidelines for men’s wedding clothes. There are numerous methods to give wedding clothes a summer twist, taking into account the extreme temps and spring trends for 2021.

Let’s begin by breaking a few of the rules. Although there are few exceptions to the strict black tie and white tie wedding dress standards, summer tuxedo colors are still acceptable. You can substitute blue or grey for black as a guest. Investigate various designs and hues for bow ties and pocket squares to add some flair. With your footwear, add a splash of color or an unconventional finish, like velvet. Instead of wearing a whole matching suit, consider switching out the typical tuxedo for a dinner jacket and coordinating pants. A summary mood gives you the freedom to showcase your personal flair.


A dinner jacket? Is that it? A dinner jacket resembles a tuxedo jacket, but its hue depends on the pants you wear with it. This style of jacket departs from the conventional black tuxedo jacket and may be manufactured in vibrant colors, ornate patterns, and plush textures, allowing you to customize your summer wedding outfit.

Safety is essential when it comes to summer weddings in 2021. Wear items with complementary hues and patterns to complete your summer wedding outfit in 2021 and include your masks and face shields into them. In terms of material, Johns Hopkins Medicine advises using two layers of densely woven cotton textiles for face masks. Think about the shirt and blazer combination when virtually attending a summer wedding. Find the best-fitting shirt and suit jacket that features a vibrant color or print. You can watch the wedding in style by adding your favorite pocket square and tie. The best aspect of a digital wedding? With a pair of joggers, the bottom can remain comfortable. We swear not to divulge. Pay attention to the shirt sans the blazer if the clothing is informal. A garment that makes you feel comfortable and looks fantastic on camera is a sure bet.

The Wedding Dress Code For Summer

The invitation will specify what to dress to a summer wedding regardless of the season. The customary dress codes that you could notice on your invitation are listed below:



This is the formal/casual equivalent of the 50-yard line. It’s still a suit, but you can mix and match suit separates to add interesting features like color and print. Keep the tie at home if you like, but always wear a collared shirt to maintain the look’s formality.



A suit is still most likely appropriate for a seaside party’s dress requirement. But when it comes to your beach wedding clothing, suits made of light, breezy fabrics and colors are a shore thing. Without shade, are the temperatures high? Instead of a blazer, opt for a statement-making linen collared shirt with a vibrant summer floral print. Sand doesn’t mix well with formal shoes, so bring footwear that you may wear sockless or without shoes altogether.

Not So Formal


This might bring back memories of your senior prom. This outfit chooses a traditional suit and tie over a tux. You should still wear a collared shirt, even though there are several various color and footwear options you can choose from.

White Tie


It is precisely how it appears. The pinnacle of formality, this ensemble combines a white bow tie with a tuxedo outfitted with tails and a white waistcoat. Some people even go one step farther and don white gloves, which are the height of elegance.

Black Tie


Again, precisely as it sounds, except this time the tuxedo is formal, without tails, and is worn with a black bow tie, black leather shoes, and a conventional dress code. The phrase “black tie optional” may also be used, which simply means that a regular dark suit may be worn in place of the tuxedo.



A distinctive dress code is presented by several wedding themes. Virtual weddings may fit under this category in the present. Check the invitation to see whether there is a dress code specified or if it is a “everything goes” kind of gathering.

Missing the dress code on the invitation? Generally speaking, it’s preferable to be overdressed than underdressed. Err on the side of sophistication while attending a wedding if you can’t get clarification; dressing up is always better to not fitting the style criteria.

Best Colors To Wear In A Summer Wedding

Best Colors To Wear In A Summer Wedding

Even though the season of summer is known for its vibrant hues, when choosing your outfit for a wedding in the summer, keep an eye out for these color trends. This is the perfect opportunity to experiment with the entire color gamut, depending on the individual requirements for bridal apparel. Use color wisely to create a new style that will impress at whatever wedding you attend, from bright hues to subtle pastels.

But is black appropriate for a July wedding? Absolutely. A black and white outfit is classic and appropriate for any season. Are you not a fan of color? Play with texture and soften the look using airy materials instead of focusing on color. The light, breathable alternatives of linen, seersucker, and chambray, which will keep you cool, won’t detract from the appearance of your summer suit.

Attending the summer soiree with a date? Plan your color combinations to match one another’s summer wedding attire. Don’t completely switch from neutral to pastel, twines. Find a color scheme that highlights both of your looks.

What To Not Wear At A Summer Wedding?

What To Not Wear At A Summer Wedding

What should guys not wear? We’ve already discussed what to wear to a wedding in the summer. Avoid wearing athleisure clothing unless specifically or virtually permitted. Even though a sweatsuit is a type of clothing, it is inappropriate for a wedding. Denim is often prohibited for dress during summer weddings. Avoid wearing jackets, jeans, or anything else with a denim theme for your summer wedding attire.

While we love a good head-to-toe print, it is your responsibility as a guest to support the union rather than be the center of attention. White or cream fall under the same category. The people at the altar should wear these prescribed colors, not the audience. dress shirt made of white or cream? Yes. No, unless specifically specified by the guests in the invitation, a full white or cream attire. For your summer wedding attire, subtle designs and lighter hues like pastels make a lovely focal point.

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