Style Oversize T-Shirt

Today’s fashion involves oversized T-shirts. They are also really comforting. But it’s crucial to know how to properly wear an oversized T-shirt. If not, you can be noticed—and not in a good way! On days when you don’t feel like getting dressed up, learn how to appear effortlessly trendy while making a casual statement with an oversized T-shirt.

You can get ideas for large T-shirt outfits from the pictures below. See all the styling suggestions by scrolling down!


It looks stylish to pair an oversized T-shirt with a blazer because it exudes a casual but professional air. Set off the jacket with a contrasting color, such as an oversized white T-shirt with a black blazer, to maintain a trendy appearance. To make the shirt look more fashionable, tuck it in and add a tight belt around your waist. This ensemble is appropriate for semi-formal occasions or activities like weekend client meetings and laid-back Fridays at work. Although it is classy and comfortable, the blazer gives it a sophisticated look.

Boyfriend Jeans

Any large t-shirt in your wardrobe can be easily styled with the timeless pairing of jeans and a t-shirt. Kendall Jenner is proof that a classic style can be anything but boring with the appropriate styling. The empty canvas provides the ideal chance to display your best statement shoes and accessories. Kendall’s fishnet heels and cherry-print antique Louis Vuitton bag keep her ensemble interesting, and her formal heels offset the look’s casual silhouette. Replace the heels with white sneakers for a more relaxed interpretation of Kendall Jenner’s look.

Tucked High-Rise

It’s amazing how changing something as easy as tucking your shirt in can change the way your entire outfit looks. A tucked-in shirt will do the trick if you ever feel like your jeans and tee ensemble is a touch sloppy (maybe with the help of a black leather belt). An oversized tee tucked in lengthens your legs and gives you an hourglass figure. Avoid thin jeans while tucking in your shirt and stick to relaxed-fit denim. Mixing skintight pants with a large top tosses off your figure and makes your upper half look boxier. Straight-leg jeans like Levi’s 501 or Wedgies are always a good choice.

Off Shoulder

It is a great time to wear big T-shirts with an open shoulder. They hang freely below your shoulders and are loosely fitting. Ladies with slim frames may do this with any pair of shorts, jeans, or trousers with ease. Your collarbone and shoulders seem attractive in this attire. To give it some shape, add a corset belt as an accessory. With a little self-assurance, you may look chic in this off-shoulder, large T-shirt!

Rolled Up

The sleeves of an enormous T-shirt can be rolled up to create a bold fashion statement. The T-shirt is slack, so the long, loosely fitted sleeves may make it appear unprofessional. Roll up your sleeves to the desired length to give off a trendy impression. Moreover, you can tie the T-front shirt’s ends together to resemble a crop top. This has a cool, relaxed appearance.

As A Dress

Undoubtedly one of the most popular ways for celebrities to wear an enormous shirt is without pants. Intentionally failing to put on pants just seems to scream, “I’m rich enough to pull this off, and we both know it,” For the average person, wear a pair of cycling shorts or denim cutoffs underneath your pantless ensemble to prevent any fashion mishaps. Pair your oversized shirt with stylish outerwear and accessories to channel Hailey Bieber’s fashion-forward look. You won’t appear as though you just got out of bed with the help of thoughtful style. One of the greatest trends for Fall/Winter 2021 is knee-high boots, and another is leather blazers. Even more so when worn with gold jewelry, leather textiles give the usually simple look an opulent touch.


Rihanna is the one celebrity who truly understands how to wear an oversized garment well. The fashion designer/musician/absolute boss loves to toy with proportion. She frequently contrasts more traditional outfits with streetwear attire, such as this tour tee from her 2016 Made in America tour. The next time you’re out to a happy hour or a girls’ night out, try wearing a slip dress with an oversized graphic tee underneath. Though unexpected, the contrast is completely on-trend for 2021. Go all out with the glitter in addition to the casual t-shirt. Put on your go-to heels, a few pieces of jewelry, and a coat of red Fenty lip paint. Extra points if you can flaunt a scarf or coat made of faux fur like Riri.


With big T-shirts, belts make the ideal clothing addition. They look quite classy and help to define your waistline. Girls frequently dress in big T-shirts with bold black belts. Use a larger belt if you have a curvaceous figure rather than a narrow belt if you have a slim physique. Even bold hues like cherry red are a possibility. This is a daytime or evening costume.


This style is especially favored by fashionistas and glam queens. Although it is informal, the front knot has a classy appearance. Wide-leg denim slacks, Bermuda shorts, or a ruched skirt can all be paired with the knotted, oversized T-shirt. It can be appropriately accessorized based on the situation. These huge T-shirts with knotted designs will look great day or night. These are the ideal synthesis of comfort and style.


Dungarees and oversized T-shirts look effortlessly cool. They have a good time and are sporty. A stylish vibe is conveyed by the attire. Dungarees are a casual outfit, and wearing them with larger clothing only makes things cozier and more fashionable. Frequently, the outfit consists of a blue denim dungaree pair paired with an enormous white T-shirt. You can complete this look by donning your favorite pair of white shoes.


Tuck your baggy shirt into a flirtatious miniskirt like Zoe Kravitz’s forest-green pleated tennis skort for a simple summer look. The tennis skirt, which was inspired by schoolgirl attire, has become one of the most well-liked skirt designs because of the internet’s love for Serena Williams. Keep your accessories simple, like Zoe’s oval sunglasses and black tiny purse. Choose vintage shoes like Nike Air Force 1s or Air Max if her whimsical socks and Mary Janes ensemble aren’t to your taste.


Although none of us can have Kaia Gerber’s supermodel-length legs, we can all copy her off-duty model look. Her 90s-inspired attire frequently has a relaxed, grunge vibe. With the help of a few friends, I was able to get my hands on a copy of the book.

Denim Jacket

Let’s be honest. It should not be surprising that denim jackets are ideal for layering over your favorite t-shirt as they go with almost anything. The leggings and big shirt attire worn by Selena Gomez is a simple last-minute choice for a leisurely day. The odd graphic and clean white sneakers serve to unify the entire composition.

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