Smart Casual Wedding Outfit Male

Smart Casual Wedding Outfit Male

A wedding invitation is adored by all. It indicates that two people, who you probably like somewhat, are about to take the next important step in their relationship. Second, they value you highly enough to invite you along when they do. Third, a free bar might be available. Last but not least, it’s a fantastic chance for those with a flair for style to show off their knowledge of menswear.

Sadly, being stylistically inclined does not always equate to being comfortable with tailoring. This is why weddings frequently feature clothing gaffes that would make Don Draper cough and sputter out small plumes of smoke after swallowing and choking on his cigarette in horrified disdain, in addition to drunk aunts, strange uncles, and poor dancing.

Smart Casual Wedding Outfit Male

Irresponsible wedding attire includes pairing suit coats with jeans, excessively trimmed skinny-fit dress pants, and coordinating ties and pocket squares, to name just a few. And that’s precisely why you need to keep reading if you’re questioning what the issue is with any of those three things.

Possessing a core collection of versatile wedding attire is essential to avoiding sartorial gaffes. Similar to how you can have a select few distinctive meals that you can prepare without causing a major fire. Below are a few tried-and-true, go-to wedding ensembles that are smart and casual at the same time for men that are appropriate for any occasion, from a Maldives beach wedding to a posh hotel’s black-tie-optional celebration.

For A Summer Wedding

For A Summer Wedding

You’ll understand precisely how well the Wicked Witch of the West experienced for that one moment from The Wizard of Oz if you have ever attended a ceremony in the July while wearing a three-piece wool suit. If not, you can be sure it will be a sweaty event. Fortunately, there are several warm-weather options to formal suiting that won’t make you look dressed down and will keep you comfortable. When it comes to color and texture, the key is to think creatively.

Get rid of the vest first. For an attendee at a summer wedding ceremony, a two-piece tuxedo is far more appropriate, and you don’t need any further insulation. In addition, when you’re full of cake and beer at 9 o’clock at night, your stomach will appreciate it.

A Beach Wedding

beach wedding

Let us first say congrats on your choice of pals if you’ve been accepted to a sumptuous beach wedding in some far-off, sun-kissed corner of the world. Second, let’s assist you in doing it without breaking a sweat and with the least amount of Richard Branson jabs as possible. Without a doubt, it’s difficult to dress for a wedding on sand in temperatures above 30 degrees. Even a typically well-dressed man can get heatstroke from choosing shoes alone, and this is before we even consider the rest of the “fit”.

Starting from scratch, don’t be afraid to stray from the standard while choosing your shoes. Traditional leather shoes can be replaced with espadrilles, or if you’re getting very daring, you might even switch them out for a luxurious leather sandal. Consider light-colored chinos as you travel further north. Leg pleats might give them a somewhat more sophisticated appearance. Your jacket should be a darker shade, but not by a lot. Yes, you should wear one. Consider brown instead of black or navy. Drop the shirt and go with a plain tee or even a Henley shirt in a soft, light color for added beach points.

A Winter Wedding

winter wedding

Winter may be miserable—cold, damp, dark, and essentially a nonstop depressive episode—but gosh, it gives you more clothing options. Choosing an attire for a wedding in the winter is about as simple as it gets. There just aren’t any murky places. aside from the sky, that is. You have the option to be traditional and don a full three-piece suit for a winter wedding. Both navy and grey are excellent options, but if you’re only going to get one, go with the former. Navy is approximately as adaptable as it gets in terms of tailoring, which means you’ll get more wear out of it and can even split it apart to wear as pieces.

There is also some room for imagination in this situation. You can match or contrast the color of your waistcoat with the hues of your jacket and slacks. A navy suit usually pairs well with a grey waistcoat. Black Derby or Oxford shoes are usually a good choice when it comes to footwear. Instead, why not try the double monk strap if you feel confident taking things a step further? Both suede and leather are appropriate; if you choose the former, just be aware of the weather.

A Country Wedding

country wedding

When carrying your suit suitcase, there are some additional concerns if the wedding will be held at a large country manor. Country wedding venues, whether they are manor estates or little town churches, frequently have a bucolic, rustic ambiance that necessitates a softer approach to tailoring. The trick is to wear them without looking like your last name is Baggins. Tweed, corduroy, and heavier wool suits are all fine possibilities. Deep greens and rich browns are good places to start, but after that, we suggest adding some unexpected details and accessories.

For example, wearing a knit tie with a denim shirt would keep you out of the country. Instead of wearing paisley pocket squares, consider updating the classic style with a grandad collar shirt and few other accessories. A thick brogue is most appropriate for your footwear, but a high-shine Derby is our recommendation. What if you don’t already own or don’t want to purchase a tweed or corduroy suit? A checkered suit might give off a similar vibe.

A Big City Wedding

big city

This type of wedding may be the simplest to dress for since it is implied in the invitation that you could wear your business attire. What matters is that you make it look nice and give it a festive atmosphere. It is inappropriate to wear the same outfit to a wedding and a networking event. Assume you start with a basic two-piece in navy or charcoal that has nothing fancier than a light check pattern. Getting rid of the 9-to-5 shoes will help it evolve. Wear some stylish loafers, Chelsea boots, or brogues with a contrast sole in place of Oxford shoes.

Stick to tried-and-true whites or blues and resist the impulse to go flamboyant with your shirt. You’ll feel differently if you wear a point collar or club collar. Then, use your accessories to add color and/or intrigue. Contrast the suit’s check pattern with a paisley tie, or pair a preppy striped tie with a vibrantly colored pocket square.

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