Oversized Suits Men’s Fashion

Oversized suits on Men

If you finished college within the previous 15 years, you likely grew up wearing clothes that were slender and flattering and didn’t simply dangle on your shoulders. Menswear has been dominated by slim cuts throughout the majority of the twenty-first century.

Muscle shirts, slim-fit tailoring, and indie bands in skinny-fit everything were fashionable. However, the fashion tide has turned back in recent years. We have recently seen a rise in oversized suits in men’s fashion, and people love them. An oversized suit in men’s fashion is in high demand in today’s world and is getting bigger with each day.

oversized suits men's fashion

Different ways to style oversized suits

When it comes to oversized men’s suits, the options may be more limited than you expect. It’s all about portraying yourself in the right light possible when dressing well. And it all relies on your body’s shape.
It can be round-bellied, broad-shouldered, or a combination of the two. The better suits are those which make you look elegant and comfy at the same time. Some oversized suits in men’s fashion trends are mentioned below.

  • Cotton blazer
  • Silk blazers
  • Double-breasted tweed blazer

Let us look at the details of oversized styling suits

Cotton blazer

Summer blazers are most commonly made of cotton. The light and airy fabric fall beautifully over the shoulders and down the body to the hips, and it holds its shape effectively with shoulder pads or unstructured.

Cotton feels nice in any color, single or double-breasted, but make sure cream, white, navy, or charcoal make an appearance somewhere in your blazer repertoire.

Silk blazer

If you’re a significant blazer fan, a silk liner blazer is a must-have; it gives you a very traditional, sleek, and sophisticated formal look. Don’t worry; you’ll look like a king in a blazer made of lightweight and flexible silk fabric.

Double-breasted tweed blazer

Lino Leluzzi, Lapo Elkann, and David Gandy are among the menswear designers who have worn the double-breasted fit. Double-breasted blazers or suits in luxurious fabrics, neutral or discreet designs, and a skinny, tailored fit make the perfect complement to your wardrobe for the person who wants to pack a stylish punch.

How to style oversized suits

If you were to try to come up with a catchy tagline for the current menswear mood, anything along the lines of “The Bigger, The Better” may come to mind. In spring 2018, brands appeared to be favoring comfier fits, bulkier silhouettes, and bigger measurements across the board. It’s as if skinny jeans didn’t exist.

An oversized suit in men’s fashion has become a common topic recently. Nowadays, men don’t need to be shy when styling themselves. They can go all out when making the perfect look for themselves. Here are some tips that you can follow when oversized styling suits you.

Keep it close to your size.

It’s a good idea to get suits with a design that makes them appear bigger but available in your size. To avoid unsightly all-over bagginess, remain within two to three sizes of your usual size if you only want a piece to be a little looser than it should be. At the absolute least, try on big apparel if you buy it in a significantly larger size than yours.

Maintain the details.

When wearing baggy clothes with a flexible fit, it’s crucial to make sure the things you’re wearing have a central focus that draws attention to you so you don’t get lost in a sea of fabric. However, details can be a tricky issue for big suits.

You’ll drown if you wear too many huge, baggy clothes with too much substance and detailing. Avoid adding extra thickness to your outfits with textured appliqués or hefty materials. Choose clothes with delicate details like lace trim, scalloped hems, or a textured neckline instead.

How about some structure?

Regardless of how curvy your natural figure is, oversized suits with little structure frequently wind up looking loose and unappealing. As a result, it’s critical to ensure that the enormous suits you wear have enough design. Avoid loose-fitting clothing that appears round or shapeless since these will make you appear larger and wider than you are.

Instead, make sure the big suits you’re wearing have some shape and structure to them. A tight, cowl neckline on an enormous to a broad, dramatic collar on a loose-fitting coat or blazer are examples of this construction. All your outfit requires is a fitting structure that isn’t just an endless sea of baggy fabric for eyes to land on.

The texture of the cloth

The texture of the big garments you’re wearing makes a huge difference in how your outfit comes together. When shopping for loose-fitting clothing, keep textures in mind.

Fairly thick fabrics and bulky knits are much more inclined to make you appear larger than you are, so pair them with trousers or other slender bottoms to balance them out. Fabrics that are loose-fitting, thin, and smooth can make you look shapeless. Wear a belt or tuck loose clothes into a tight waistline to emphasize you’re natural shape.

Wear high rise trousers or dress pants

If you think too traditional, choosing a set of high trousers as part of a suit will not work. The best part is that if you want to be a little less traditional, high-waisted trousers with a suit look fantastic.

On the other hand, men’s dress pants are a must-have in every grown man’s wardrobe. Perhaps you wear them to work regularly in a business casual setting. For example, dressing up for a dinner date with your parents or a job interview.

Whatever the situation, you’ll want to have a pair on hand that fits well and is comfortable. That means any guy should know what to look for and how to wear men’s dress pants in a new and trendy way while matching them with your perfect oversized suits.

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