How to Wear Oversized Hat – How do you keep a big hat on your head?

How to Wear Oversized Hat – How do you keep a big hat on your head?

How to Wear Oversized Hat

Glamorous hats are a great addition to everyday and glamorous dresses. You might not know that oversized hats are a popular accessory for summer. It doesn’t matter if you want to go on a casual trip to the beach or enjoy the sun, it doesn’t matter what your goal is. Editors, fashion influencers and stars on the A-list have replaced their traditional-sized hats by innovative designs. There are many options for style inspiration when creating a look.

Wide Brimmed Floppy Oversized Hat

This versatile, wide-brimmed, floppy hat provides sun protection and exudes style. You can wear it neatly or with a swimsuit. Derby offers a variety of floppy hats that allow you to dress up or turn your head. The floppy hat, which is made primarily from straw but can also be made of wool or polyester, is a summer favorite because of its broad brim that blocks the sun. This hat is perfect for a day at beach, or to be worn at your favorite café with large sunglasses.

Oversized Straw Large UV Protection Hat

These large straw hats offer the best UV protection. It has quickly become an essential summer accessory.

Double-Sided Oversized Hat

Summer fashion is all about double-sided wear, and a foldable sun hat for women with a big brim. This hat’s signature edge makes it UV-resistant and the best part.

Oversized Bucket Hat

The large-brimmed, Korean-style large brim hat for women is very popular. This bucket hat is stunning and can be worn with any dress.

Oversized Beach Hat

Oversized Foldable Straw Hat

The Extra Large Straw Hat has a soft, durable, and breathable fabric that blocks the sun. This large design protects your face, neck and shoulders from the sun. It can be collapsed, compressed, packed, and unformed. The hat can block more than 98% UV rays, providing complete protection for your neck, face, and shoulders. The mesh design improves stretch and durability while the breathable fabric keeps your body cool and comfortable throughout the day. The straw hat is very absorbent. Mesh design makes it more breathable and insulation provides good heat control.

Beach Hat

Tips to Style Oversized Hat

Hats can be used to express fashion and add a finishing touch. It’s also a great shade accessory for the scorching heat. These are some ways to wear an oversized hat.

Oversized Hat with White Shirt

It should be the longest you can find so that your dress fits well. It can be left as is or you can add a belt to make it more fitted. A tailored shirtdress is a better choice if you prefer something more fitted.

Oversized Hat with White Shirt with Jeans

You can take the same oversized shirt and tuck it in straight jeans. Then, pair your dress with an over-sized hat. You will be astonished.

Lovely White Flower Pants and Bando

White linen wide trousers can be paired with a white top. A peninsula top is a tube top that can be worn alone or with other items such as a twist top or top with a ribbon or corset.

Pair Oversized Hat with Maxi Dress

For a casual, chic look, pair it with a straw cap and a floral maxi dress or midi dress. For a classic, minimal look, you can opt for a white linen mini dress.

Oversized Hat with Swimsuit

If you have booked your summer vacation or have access to a swimming pool, you may be able to wear a hat and a swimsuit together. A neutral-colored swimsuit (e.g., off-white, brown) will look great with your hat.

Slip Dress and Linen Shirt

A black satin slip dress can be worn with a linen shirt to create the perfect look for a mid-day cocktail or a drink at an outdoor café. To emphasize your waist, keep the shirt open and tie it around the waist. You can add white or black strappy sandals to your outfit, as well as your favorite chunky necklace in gold. Add a oversized hat to complete the look. The hats that kept your cocktails cool under the sun will be a hit with you.

How do you keep a big hat on your head?

Hat pins

My favorite hat pins? Vintage! These pins are the most classic and have been around for the longest time. They are also decorative and I love them! You can find them at ETSY, vintage shops, or if you’re lucky, you might be able thrift one!

Hat Elastic

Hat elastic is an excellent option because it is simple and can be hidden in most cases. Hat elastic can be found in any haberdashery shop. I got mine here in Australia from Spotlight. Attach it to the sides, cut to the correct length, and you are good to go.

Bobby Pins

This is not the best way, but it works if you only have a few pins. Simply slide in two pins on either side of your inner hat band and then push down on the top of your head.

A Hair Comb

This one I use all the time! For extra durability, I add a hatpin to my hats. I hand-stitch hair combs onto all my caps before I wear them.

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