How to wear an oversized sweater without looking fat and set the trend?

How to wear an oversized sweater without looking fat and set the trend?

Everyone wants to look clean and presentable and well-dressed, irrespective of size, and oversized sweaters are effortlessly stylish because they go with virtually anything- however, the question of how to wear an oversized sweater without looking fat remains.

While oversized sweaters appear to be effortlessly cool and trendy, they can be challenging at times to style, especially if you have a short torso and look tiny in anything oversized. However, it would be best not to refrain yourself wear oversized knitwear because they are currently in vogue.

We’ll demonstrate to you how to wear an oversized sweater without looking fat and turn heads in the same.

Slim-fitted leggings with an oversized sweater

Fitted bottoms with an oversized sweater are the best compliment for a sophisticated and on-point style. This looks great on anyone with a straight figure, and the leggings pull everything in and make you seem significantly taller.

You can even tuck the sweater in for a more dainty and boho-chic aesthetic. A collared shirt layered beneath an oversized sweater dramatically brightens the tone of any ensemble.

The loose-fitting keeps the style relaxed, and keeping minimal can sometimes be the smartest aesthetic choice.

Tuck the sweater’s hem underneath your bottom wear


There are two options available. You can fold the cardigan hem entirely in, then gradually pull it out and tighten it. Moreover, you can also tuck just one side of the hem.

Appropriate fabric selection is essential.

To help balance out, consider matte fabric over the voluminous sparkly fabric when it comes to oversized. Because an oversized shirt alone imparts dimension to your body, picking a glossy material like satin or anything with a shimmering finish will accentuate your shape even more.

Alternatively, choose a firm and matte fabric like dark denim or strong cotton to eliminate bagginess and make your body lining appear more contoured.

Pairing the oversized sweater with knee-high boots

If your knitwear is very oversized, ditch the trousers or long skirt, favoring a pair of knee-high shoes. This attire is fantastic for a night out. Combine it with a very subtle hairstyle and a few accessories to get a sophisticated look.
Consider carrying a small clutch or a compact backpack to match the rest. You may also make a sweater dress by imparting contour to your waistline with a thick belt, then pushing up some of the cloth, so it pops out slightly over the belt.

Drop the waistband for a much more casual look.

An oversized sweater and ruffled faux leather pants

An excellent style statement combines the sweater with leather pleated pants that tighten the midriff. This would play very well with heavy sweaters since you can fold them into the trousers to create a waistline, letting the outfit look attractive and elegant. In the winter, faux leather pants are a must-have.

They make you feel comfortable while still looking elegant. With these, you can create a relaxed feel by sporting simple footwear such as sneakers. You could easily substitute the flats with heels and rock this combination for a more laid-back attitude.

Wear your oversized sweater with a waist belt


You may effortlessly mimic an hourglass figure by stressing your waistline, even if you aren’t one! Both a slim and a heavy belt will serve. However, the corset belt is the most attractive of all the belts. It has a classy look due to its shape and thickness.

Wear a Maxi Dress with the sweater

A thick knitted sweater and a floor-sweeping dress have dynamic features that immediately look high-end fashion. This ensemble is ideal for the winter because it covers your full body and allows you to quickly and effortlessly camouflage additional layers beneath.

It does not merely make you look trendy, but it also gives you a professional presence.

The monochrome aesthetic is the way to approach.

This lowers the inflating effect and consequently elongates your body shape using a similar tone of the same hue. You may potentially explore with other varieties of fabric to make it look chicer if you want to incorporate extra layering.

The simplest option to look high-end fashion, slimmer and taller, is to select a distinct tint of the same color tone. When working with a monochrome color palette, integrating textures and patterns is a great strategy to introduce uniqueness to your outfit.

An oversized beige knit sweater, for instance, looks stunning with brownish leather leggings and dark-brown ankle boots.

An oversized sweater styled with combat boots.

Combat boots offer any outfit a high-end sense of fashion. They’re not only super stylish, but they also lend a quirky twist to an item of otherwise average clothing. Combat boots paired with an oversized sweater are the fundamental outfit maximizer.

If you can locate a delicate oversized sweater to balance off the fun of the combat boots, you will most definitely look the best in a room.

Straight leg pants paired with an oversized sweater

The end of a straight-leg pant is wider than the remainder of the pant. They have a laid-back, relaxed vibe about them, and when worn with an oversized sweater, they shine out.

The oversized silhouette was among the most striking trends in prior seasons, and it is now coming back into fashion on the red carpets. Designers test the bounds of structure and symmetry and adore voluminous ensembles.

While we style these legendary sweaters may evolve with the seasons and trend waves, the clothes themselves are eternal because there are so many unique approaches to style them.

So if you are not sure how to wear an oversized sweater without looking fat, choose the style that best complements you and make it your own.

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