How to Wear an Oversized Mask

How to Wear an Oversized Mask Properly?

You may not always be able to find a mask that fits your face correctly, so you’ll need to know how to wear an oversized mask in these cases. If you look closely, you may see that people are wearing large masks that are loose and even dangling off their faces. Hence, you must learn how to wear an oversized mask. These mistakes reduce the mask’s efficacy and raise the wearer’s risk of contracting and spreading the disease. If the mask does not fit well or is oversized for your face, you must know how to wear an oversized mask, and this will help you wear your mask appropriately. Here are some hacks and tricks that you can try to make your oversized mask fit better:

Tie a Knot

If the ear loops on your mask are too long, you can reduce them to make it fit better. The following steps will help you understand better:

Step 1: Always start by washing your hands before touching a new mask and taking off a used one.

Step 2: Fold the mask lengthwise in half, so the bottom and top strips are edge-to-edge.

Step 3: Make a knot near the corners of the mask as possible with one earloop; repeat on the other ear loop.

Step 4: Adjust the flexible nasal bridge to your nose after unfolding the mask. You’ll notice that the mask expands up more than it did previously.

Step 5: Put on your better-fitting mask after folding in the corners. Make other necessary adjustments, as required by your face.

The Figure of Eight Knot

Another similar hack is the “figure of eight” hack. This hack includes twisting each ear loop once to form a criss-cross. But the drawback of this hack is that it causes the sides of the mask where the ear loops are attached to be squeezed together, resulting in a space along your cheekbones where germs can enter. Hence you can use this hack only if it does not create gaps on the sides of your mask.

Nose Clips

You can also opt for the nose clips, also known as the defogging clips. Masks that do not fit nicely around the nose will not only let droplets in and out, but they will also be uncomfortable for people who wear glasses. To fix this issue, get some nose clips, which will help you fasten the mask over your nose while also ensuring that your oversized mask fits properly.

Cloth and medical masks become more effective by ensuring that they are correctly fitted to your face’s contours to avoid air leaking around the edges. This article will help you achieve the perfect fit as you already know how to wear an oversized mask.

There should be no gaps between the mask, nose, mouth, or chin. When you breathe out, you should feel warm air coming through the front part of the mask, and you should not be able to feel air flowing out of the mask’s edges.

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