How To Style Oversized Blazers

How To Style Oversized Blazers


When you were young and used to wear clothes that were so loose that they required a staple to keep on, your mother was more concerned that you could make it through adolescence in the very same school blazer that you bought in your seventh standard. It definitely wasn’t a fashion trend then.

Size usually is crucial when it pertains to having the correct appearance. Custom-fitting and extremely tight clothing have long been popular trends in the fashion world. But being careless is the newest fashion. It’s time to take out those long-hidden baggy t-shirts, slouchy coats, and somewhat large skirts from one’s closet. Oversized clothing is making a comeback, particularly in autumn and winter collections for both men and women.

If worn correctly, oversized clothing can be just as stylish and sophisticated as current styles. Oversized blouses, sweaters, trousers, slacks, blazers, and dresses were featured in collections by fashion houses like Gucci, Armani, Versace, and Moschino that were worn on the runway. All the laws of fashion are being broken by oversized apparel while maintaining comfort. Now, one no longer needs to stress about squeezing into a dress while indulging in their preferred treats.

But how you wear an enormous item really makes a difference in how much attention it attracts. For women, dressing the role means fusing tomboyishness and femininity. There are many ways to grow larger while maintaining a fashionable appearance. Keep the bottoms sleek with leggings, hosiery, or fitting pants while the top is bulky as a general rule when going big. Conversely, maintaining the top fitting will assist counterbalance the act if you opt to dress in bulky bottoms like balloon skirts, flared lounge pants, or Sweatpants.


Less is more when it comes to large clothing. Keep your jewelry and other accessories to a minimum and choose attractive clutch purses over shoulder bags and totes. The silhouettes of the clothing will be accentuated by wearing simple, understated footwear rather than clunky, grunge boots. One can discover large clutches, watches, hats, earrings, and purses as the oversized trend gradually gains traction.

Oversized clothing is a hot trend in men’s fashion as well. At fashion weeks, oversize coats and voluminous jackets dominated the runways. Menswear staples like baggy jeans and untucked t-shirts date back a very long time. However, this season’s hottest fashion trends include large sweaters, baggy shirts, and loose-fitting pajama-style pants. Summertime fashion favors baggy yet cropped cotton slacks, whereas the winter season favors giant silhouetted woolen cardigans, puffy round-sleeve jackets, and enormous quirky collared coats.

Large leather coats are also very popular. The shorts and pants are still tailored for guys, though. Break up the monotony by accessorizing the entire ensemble with pop-colored watches, leather belts, patterned shoes, and headwear. Neutral shades, navy blues, browns, blacks, and everything that blends in nicely with its surroundings are the best colors for guys.

Trendsetters are embracing the oversized look, which is becoming popular with men and women of all sizes and shapes. Winters are the best seasons for wearing these clothes because of their soft warmth and ultra-comfort fit. The fashion-conscious may need some time to say goodbye to narrow jeans, tailored dresses, and couture suits, but as soon as they slip into a huge piece of clothing, all inhibitions will disappear.

Oversized Blazers


Blazers, although remaining a wardrobe staple for decades, go through a fashion cycle as well. At one point in time, a handmade, form-fitting jacket was the go-to style. As for now, the fashion crowd is adopting spacious, menswear-inspired shapes. Thankfully, influencers are showing how to wear an oversized blazer with many outfits, including business casual and a night in the city.

As it turns out, modern oversized blazers don’t just come in basic or checkered colors. In fact, if you explore every retailer, you’ll see a plethora of eye-catching colors and patterns, as well as some adorned with graphic designs. On social networks, celebrities are showing off inventive ways to style an oversized jacket to seem particularly modern. These stylish girls are demonstrating how to take them a step beyond by experimenting with intriguing prints, surprising silhouettes, and cool embellishments that make transitioning the item to after-work events a snap, despite the fact that they remain a go-to office piece (or, work from home) piece.

How To Style Oversized Blazers For Women

  • A cozy, relaxed appearance


Who said an oversized blazer is impossible to style? Whether you’re heading out for a bike ride with buddies or arranging a brunch date. Grab your favorite graphic tee and combine it with a pair of pants suits to create a casual athleisure style. Want a cozier appearance? Choose track pants or biker shorts instead of pants.

  • Monochromatic


What is the chicest and most straightforward way to wear an oversized blazer? Focus on volume while aiming for a matched set. Colors that are neutral will always be in vogue. Less is more always seems to work, too. Fit snugly into a large blazer, high heels, and flared pants with a high waist. Apply lip color, and no matter what vibe you are looking for, you are prepared to show off your boss babe side.

  • Mix With A Minidress


Regardless of whether you took it from your boyfriend’s wardrobe or borrowed it from your father, get an oversized blazer and pair it with your night shimmering dress. Try flirting a little with his fitted suit and wearing it with your minidress for a more edgy and stylish appearance. Want to improve your appearance? Draw flawlessly smooth smudged eyeliner and add little smoke to your lids.

How To Style Oversized Blazers For Men

  • All Smart And Confident


Power suits are hardly a recent invention. The greatest suits in the 1980s were boxy, double-breasted, and made of pinstripes in black, blue, or grey; picture American Psycho, not Miami Vice. This style can be updated for the 21st century with a pristine white shirt, a good gauge sweater, and a set of clumpy Derbies or boots.

  • For A Casual Day Out


Big suits may have peaked in the 1980s (lapel), but to be more relaxed, skip ahead to the 1990s, when tailoring became more accessible and coexisted with baggy, mid-wash denim, high-top shoes, and baseball caps. You can very much lift this atmosphere in its entirety. Consider stiff blazers made of wool or cotton mixes and contrast classic designs like checks and pinstripes with t-shirts and hoodies with contemporary logo prints.

  • Mix And Match


Men are slowly understanding to just have pleasure with suiting up, which is why oversized fitting is becoming a thing. That is why mix and match a little casual with formal. Why not add more color and shape to the composition in addition to exaggerating the ratios to make it more interesting? Large blazers look great worn separately with variously colored pants. The color blending brings out the proportions.” Layering should be kept straightforward, with only a plain T-shirt or roll-neck sweater serving as your base layer.

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