How To Layer Tank Tops In Summer

You may express who you are via your attire in a cute and enjoyable way with tank tops. With them, you may add layers to almost any outfit to make it more interesting and laid-back. It’s not enough to simply understand how to layer a tank top; you also need to understand how to pick the best one and what kind of bra to pair it with.

How To Wear A Tank Top?

Bandeau Bra

If your tank top has thin, spaghetti straps, wear a bandeau bra or a strapless bra. The majority of spaghetti strap bras won’t fit underneath them. Also, the additional straps won’t always look good. You may get the necessary support from a bandeau or strapless bra without calling attention to your tank top.

Wireless Bra

If you’re sporting a knit, form-fitting tank top, wear a seamless bra. Every bulge and bump will be seen in tight tank tops. As a result, they will expose the contour of typical underwire bras, which could not be particularly attractive. Use a seamless, wireless bra instead. Under your tank top, it will appear “invisible” because it will blend in with your torso.

Strapped Bra

If your bust is big, get a tank top with thicker straps. You need additional support if you have a larger breast size. You may not get the support you require from a strapless bra, in which case you must use a standard bra with straps. If you need to support yourself with a strapped bra, you should choose a tank top with larger shoulders to hide the straps.

Thicker Straps

The straps should be the same width as your shoulders. In general, you should search for broader straps the wider your shoulders are. This will help the tank top fit you better and seem more proportionate. Stick with thin spaghetti straps if your shoulders are narrow. Use straps with more thickness if you have broad shoulders.


Based on the width of your shoulders, choose the neckline. Choose a tank top with a rounder or straighter neckline if your shoulders are small. Choose a tank top with a V-neck or a low scoop neck if your shoulders are broad. Your physique will appear longer and narrower as a result.

How To Layer?


For a stylish, professional appearance, layer a jacket or blazer over the tank top. The jacket or blazer can be worn with or without buttons. Use a plain white or black jacket and a tank top in a solid color for a more put-together appearance. Choose a jacket or blazer with a pattern or a standout accent for something more summery.


To make the tank top look more feminine, layer a cardigan over it. Keep it open so that you can see the tank top below. This is ideal for extending your summer attire into the fall and winter and for chilly days.


To make a strong statement with your attire, add a vest. You can dress in a leather vest, a woolen vest, or a suit vest. It’s entirely up to you whether you want to button it up or leave it open. Choose a hue that goes well with your tank top and the rest of your ensemble. Black and grey are neutral hues that go well with almost anything.


Under scoop or V-neck blouses with short or long sleeves, layer tank tops. The finest tank tops for this kind of layering contain lace, either at the neckline or the bottom hem. The body of the tank top won’t be visible when worn underneath a standard shirt. For a girly, feminine touch, only the lace will protrude from the back of the upper shirt.

Transparent Shirt

Put tank tops under your see-through clothing. This will assist in hiding sensitive parts like your bra that you don’t want others to see. You can select a contrasting color or match the tank top to the shirt. You may, for instance, layer a black lace shirt over a black tank top.


To add to your warmth, put on a tank top. Tank tops are the solution if you want to stay warm but don’t want to change your entire wardrobe. If you don’t want it to be seen, make sure to layer them beneath your apparel.

Bottoms You Can Wear

Tank tops and summer bottoms can be worn in a nearly infinite number of combinations. Shorts for women come in many different styles and are a traditional match for tank tops. Use terry cotton or board shorts with your go-to tank for an athleisure aesthetic. Choose between a retro-inspired look with capri pants and wedge sandals or a classy look with khaki Bermuda shorts and a white tank top. If you can find a tank top with polka dots, it will further enhance the retro feel of this outfit.

Tank shirts are given a dressier feel by skirts for a look you can wear practically any place. For a well-balanced look, pair a tight tank with a flowing maxi skirt or a billowy tank with a pencil skirt. Any sort of tank, including traditional ribbed cotton tank tops and flowing tunic types, can be worn with a mid-length skirt.

The skort is another option; it has the appearance of a skirt but fits like a pair of shorts. Choose a denim skort with a vibrantly printed tank top for summery flair, or wear a black tank with a khaki skort for casual elegance. Skorts are available in a variety of materials and lengths, just like skirts and shorts.

How To Put The Look Together?

Shoes and accessories are two items that make every look complete. Your attire can become dressier or more informal depending on the kind of shoes you wear. For instance, the identical outfit with high heels has a dressier impression than it does with a tank top and khaki skirt, and canvas trainers. Sandals are a versatile summer shoe style that goes well with tank tops and other bottoms.

Choose the water-resistant walking sandal if you’re looking for a sandal design that’s suitable for travel. It is designed to be worn for a long time and is cozy and breathable. Furthermore, it is offered in neutral hues and timeless designs to go with any outfit that includes a tank top.

A handbag can be both practical and stylish when it comes to accessories. For the summer, beachy bags made of canvas and wicker are a good choice, or for year-round fashion, choose a quilted messenger bag. Add a few statement jewelry items to your ensemble, which could range from a stack of bangles on one or both wrists to a pair of large hoop earrings.

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