How To Dress Like A Free Spirit

Why Fit In When You Can Stand Out? is a simple saying that, if we had to sum up what it takes to be a true free spirit or, should we say, bohemian in one sentence, would do the trick. The term “bohemian” has been used to characterize people who defy convention, uphold their convictions, and express who they really are, whether through their way of life, their art, or just their wardrobe. If you identify with this tribe of free-spirited people, we’ve put together the definitive guide to rocking the boho look in just a couple of key simple steps.


The term “bohemian” has been used to refer to a subculture of artists, writers, intellectuals, and wanderers who rejected conventional society and practices ever since the 1800s. The phrase was first used in France to refer to a group of economically and socially disadvantaged Romanies and others who were wrongly believed to have immigrated as well from the Bohemian region of Eastern Europe. Living anywhere outside of society’s norms allowed only the bohemian movement to really develop a distinctive and rich culture, style, and appearance that is still popular today.

Boho clothing was initially produced out of necessity using cheap materials like hand-me-downs and simple fabrics, but it was eventually adopted by a growing group of people who used it to represent their liberalism, creativity, and unorthodox way of life. Throughout the 1960s and 1970s, boho fashion made a strong comeback and became associated with hippie culture, free love, and open-mindedness. Some of the distinguishing characteristics of bohemian fashion included floral gowns, loose silhouettes, organic materials, and distinctive textures.

What Is Free Spirited Clothing Style?

If we apply this to the world of fashion, free spirit fashion refers to being unconventional and sticking out from the herd. The attire conveys the wearer’s unique personality. This style of clothes is enjoyable, liberating, cozy, stylish, easygoing, and uncomplicated. It conveys a potent message of power, passion, grace, and rebellion all at once.

Bohemian, free-flowing, distinctive prints, quirky, etc. are just a few of the designs and styles that may be found in free spirit apparel. These fashions might include tunics, kimonos, peasant tops, maxi dresses, and skirts, among other things.

They work best when combined with a fine personality and carriage to convey enthusiasm and enjoyment and a carefree attitude. There are no rules when it comes to this fashion. They can be paired in a fashion that is subtle or overt, and they can be of any color. The fabrics might be anything from cotton and chiffon to cotton and jeans or chinos. They could also come in a variety of textures and designs or plain. Overall, they stick out and are distinctive.

The fact that they are often eco-friendly is another feature of this kind of clothes. Little environmental damage results from their production. These can be hand-sewn and are produced ethically. Also, they take less water and energy to create.

Tips And Ideas

In terms of current fashion trends, dressing in a bohemian or festival-inspired manner is sometimes referred to as the “boho chic” look. More summer clothes are associated with this aesthetic. Understanding the kinds of clothing this styling is connected with is necessary to answer the question of how to dress like a free spirit. Here are a few pointers to help you comprehend that better.


Theoretically, boho dresses are long garments that end just above the knee and include essentially quirky motifs. The pattern itself stands out sharply in contrast to the actual color of the dress even if it is not a geometric or conventional print. For instance, if the garment is black, the design will probably be yellow.

This bohemian dress offers the ideal free spirit style one might desire when worn with ethnic jewelry and a denim jacket. This kind of clothing can be worn with both flat shoes and trainers and is typically accessorized with heavy jewelry. The ideal footwear for this ensemble is a pair of lovely flip-flops or white trainers.


One must have multicolored skirts in order to put together and style a chic beach costume. The vivid and lovely ambiance of a seashore day is the perfect fit for skirts of various hues. Ankle boots and jewelry can be worn with them to create a timeless beach look.

Next, one may accessorize this look with a variety of items, such as stylish jewelry that is smaller in size. Multicolored skirts also go well with most styles of footwear. Nonetheless, shallow heels or flat sandals are probably best for beachwear. Since the beach is made of sand, taller heels are not permitted. Sand will therefore suck up the heels, making it impossible to walk.


For a free-spirited appearance, fashionistas frequently turn to organic fleece hoodies. These fleece hoodies are distinctive from conventional ones in that they resemble wool and have a more natural appearance. The idea that this look can only be achieved with summer clothing is disproved by wearing this fleece hoodie throughout the cold.


If one is striving for the free spiritĀ or boho chicĀ appearance, the denim cut-off pants are a great option. The denim cut-off pant, which is currently popular in the world of fashion, is not quite a short pant; rather, it is more of a Bermuda or three-quarter length.

To complete the ideal beach costume, wear these denim cut-offs with a billowing ethnic-style peasant shirt and either a pair of trainers like the Air Force Ones or something much more laid-back like velcro sandals.


Anyone who lives on Earth always has a T-shirt on hand. The designs on the boho shirts give them a unique feel. These prints are inspired by nature and typically include an animal or tree all over. Almost any type of footwear and pants go great with this.

This brings to a close the several methods that one can style and wear various garments to assist one attain a look that somewhat resembles a free spirit. This ranking contrasts the many fashion trends and has the support of well-known public figures from all over the world who embody a free-spirited aesthetic.


The kimono dress is a style that epitomizes free spirit nature and is the pinnacle of the free spirit aesthetic. One can practically layer this kimono over anything to obtain the most popular ‘beach boho’ free-spirited aesthetic, whether it be frayed jeans or one’s favorite swimsuit.

The kimono can also be paired, that is, worn over Hawaiian shirts or denim shirts, and paired with appropriate footwear to match with the garment, which goes a long way in completing one’s look. This is one of the many different ways to dress in a free-spirited manner.

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