How To Dress If You Are Short And Fat Man

Men who are short and fat, face particular difficulties while trying to dress nicely. A common problem is a length. These trousers are overly long. Your wrists are covered by sleeves. In addition, shirts are always too long to be worn untucked in jackets that extend well past the butt. Buying garments that are large enough to accommodate their broad shoulders, chest, hips, and thighs is especially necessary for stocky men. When you size up to accommodate these areas, the outcome is clothing that fits like a dress and accumulates around your ankles. However, don’t worry. We’re here to assist. You may dress effectively as a short and stocky man by following these seven straightforward recommendations.

Quick Tips

Tailor Your Clothes

If you’re viewing this, you’re probably very small and muscular, or you might even be a few pounds overweight, like a linebacker. Almost all shirts are too long for you to wear untucked off the rack, and we’re ready to wager on that. As your sleeves are likewise too long for your arms, you’re probably accustomed to rolling them up as well. What is the remedy? Getting your clothing fitted is one solution, though. In essence, you purchase shirts that fit properly in the chest, shoulders, and neck, then have the length and sleeves cut down.

There are a couple of issues with this strategy, though: First off, getting the body and sleeves trimmed will likely cost you an additional 50% of the original purchase price, if not more. Second, it takes a lot of time. You must visit the tailor, be pinned up, and then return a few days later to pick up the finished item. Thirdly, these modifications may distort your shirt’s dimensions and details. For instance, if the body length is reduced by more than 1-2 inches, the bottom button will frequently be too close to the hem. Also, reducing the sleeves risks damaging the cuffs and plackets. Simply put, tailoring isn’t an exact science, and things can go wrong. It’s also a hassle. It’s still preferable to wearing uncomfortable clothing though!

Horizontal Stripes

Horizontal stripes can make short guys appear shorter and the fat guys look fatter, as you’ve probably heard. There is some truth to this, but here’s the thing: Scale has more to do with patterns than type. Thinner stripes appear better than larger stripes if you truly want to wear horizontal stripes because thicker stripes tend to stretch you out horizontally, which is not a fantastic visual impact. Solid colors and patterns with lower scales are the greatest options for short-but-big guys. We’re referring to things like little checks, micro gingham, chalk stripes, etc. when we say small scale patterns. Of course, solid colors are always a good choice.

Avoid Oversized

We understand. Wearing a large parka will keep you warm while it’s chilly outside on occasion. Do what you need to since we prefer function over form. In essence, we advise avoiding bulky, large clothing and instead opting for several lighter layers. If you decide to wear anything like a puffer jacket, look for something light like our Lightweight Down Jacket. When paired with additional warm layers below, a high-quality jacket like this one will keep you warm for the most of winter. You won’t appear like the Michelin Man if you wear several layers and a few essential accessories, such as a lovely scarf.

Experiment With Colors

Please note that you should wear whatever colors that make you feel fantastic because we don’t want this suggestion to come out as overly prescriptive. Nonetheless, we like clothing with little contrast. From top to bottom, we make an effort to keep a clear visual line. We strive to avoid visually slicing oneself in half. Instead of a blue shirt, we’d prefer to pair light wash jeans with a white, grey, or black shirt.

However, we’d prefer a darker shirt and pair of trousers. A modest elevating effect results from this style. You won’t appear any shorter, at the very least. No of your height or state of health, if you use this low contrast technique and wear clothes that fit properly, you’ll seem very professional.

Add Accessories

The majority of fashion advice for shorter men ignores certain body types. You’ll see statements such, as short guys should wear slim ties and small watches, in this context. This is excellent advice for slim, short men. What about the bulky men, though? Guys who are short and broad should wear accessories that complement their physique. A larger watch is completely appropriate if you have large wrists. A broader tie with a significant knot, like the Half Windsor, will look wonderful if you have a big neck and broad chest. In actuality, stocky men will seem a little odd wearing a slender tie with a little knot.

Tuck It Up

Never hesitate to tuck your shirt in when in doubt. Maybe you don’t have any shirts the proper length, or perhaps you haven’t yet had that new shirt tailored. The answer is? Close it up. Including polos and t-shirts, practically any shirt style can be tucked in. A shirt that is tucked in always appears more presentable than one that hangs past your fly, even in more informal settings. For shorter, stockier men, this is particularly true.

In order to save time, simply tuck your shirt in if it is too long. Similarly to that, roll up your sleeves if they are excessively long. This is a cool, carefree appearance that fits perfectly with most business-casual settings. Also, it conceals the fact that your sleeves are excessively long for your arms, which tends to make short, stocky men appear even shorter and fatter. Hence, fold them up and tuck them in if in doubt!

Not Too Skinny

There will always be a fad for skinny fit clothing, but short and stocky guys should try to steer clear of it whenever feasible, regardless of what’s in style. You won’t feel very comfortable wearing clothes that are too tight on you because they will only highlight your size. You shouldn’t dress loosely, we’re not saying. Regardless of physical shape, those are not attractive on anyone. Choose pants with a subtle taper below the knee that are slender but not skinny. The product description should mention “slim straight” or “athletic” cuts.

Try to cut the excess fat from shirts. The majority of “classic” or “traditional” fits will be too large for you, especially around the waist and especially if your torso is V-shaped. Slim fit shirts, which often have more taper from the chest to the hips, are not to be avoided. A casual button-up like our Weekend Oxfords is another option. These shirts are designed to be worn untucked and feature shorter body lengths. Ours are designed exclusively for shorter men.

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