How To Dress If You Are Fat Man

Whatever your body shape, wearing fashionable, comfortable clothing can boost your self-esteem. Don’t worry if you have a little more to love and are unsure of how to dress! There are several solutions available to you that can make you feel and look your best. Proportion, fit, and comfort are essential for every wardrobe. Pick accessories that fit your body type, are made of fabrics that are flattering, and are well-fitting. Wear whatever makes you feel wonderful inside and out, above all else!

Ways In Which You Can Dress Yourself


Slim-fit wool or cashmere sweaters are required. This also aids in flattening the front over the tummy, but only if it is close and bulge-free. choose a v-neck style to draw a vertical line. Knits can be bulky, yet tailored clothes and cardigans are essentials for any wardrobe. Choose one with a collar, preferably of the shawl variety, to give the impression of tailoring while being casual.


Get a personalized suit built. Opt for low-rise, short-break, and cuffed-leg pants. The jacket should have crisp shoulders and should not be double-breasted; a single button is perfect for highlighting a streamliner.


Your go-to items should be Henleys and V-neck tees because of their vertical focal points and slimming necklines. Furthermore, remember to tuck in striped business shirts. Ralph Lauren, Saturdays NYC, and Perry Ellis are examples of reliable brands.


If the summertime is calling, choose knee-length shorts rather than cargos with big pockets because shorts aren’t kind to you. Choose low-rise, chinos or trousers with a shorter gap between the top of the waistband and the crotch. Avoid sitting your trousers under your belly, which will elongate your torso and make you look stumpy and short-legged. Look at the Nautica and Maine New England short and trouser brands, which are designed for bigger guys.


A lean, stylish figure is created by wearing a cropped bomber or leather biker jacket. An open shirt worn over a V-neck works well in warmer weather. A long overcoat is a terrific way to make a strong statement with your entire body in chilly weather. Choose reputable labels like Burberry or Hackett.


Lee’s Brooklyn Large & Tall, J by Jasper Conran, and Wrangler’s Texas fit are excellent big-guy denim brands. Some excellent selvage denim brands are Nudie Jeans and 3Sixteen.

Quick Tips

Donning What Looks Good on You

  • Choose well-fitting clothing over baggy or tight-fitting styles. Avoid covering up with loose clothing, which can make you look messy and throw off the proportions of your physique. Too-tight clothing isn’t any better. The secret is to spend money on clothing that perfectly fits you.
  • Avoid round, crew neck collars in favor of v-neck tops. When buying t-shirts and sweaters, seek for collar shapes with v-necks because they assist extend the face and neckline. On the other hand, crew neck collars don’t draw the eyes downward and can accentuate a round face shape.
  • In order to accentuate broad features, look for button-ups with spread collars. The spread of a dress shirt refers to the space between its collar points. To balance off a wider face and neck, seek for button-up shirts with widely spaced collar points when shopping.
  • Don’t stray from straight-leg, medium-rise, and non-pleated trousers. The proportions of your legs, waist, and stomach can be balanced with the help of straight-leg clothing. If you have a larger midsection but smaller legs, trousers that are as broad at the bottom as the thigh are very fantastic. In general, you don’t want to wear full-on bell-bottoms, but boot-cut trousers with a slight ankle flare can look good.
  • If your shorts extend past your knees, check to make sure. If you’re wearing shorts, they should be snug and end just above your knee. Your lower legs may appear little and out of proportion if your shorts are overly long and stop halfway down your shins. In turn, your waist would appear larger.
  • To give structure to your appearance, put on three-button blazers with wide lapels. Blazers are a fantastic method to give your body contour and complete an outfit. To assist lengthen your figure, look for jackets with three buttons and squared shoulders.

Selecting Materials and Colors that Look Good

  • To prevent adding unnecessary bulk, stick to textiles that are light to medium weight. You may appear larger if you wear cargo trousers, hoodies, or big, bulky sweaters made of thick materials. Choose fabrics made of cotton, linen, or other light, natural materials. Natural textiles can also help you stay cool and avoid sweat stains if you perspire a lot.
  • Avoid horizontal stripes and opt for vertical ones. Even a tiny pinstripe can lengthen your physique and create a great vertical line. Although wearing vertical stripes can make you look slimmer, keep in mind that wearing horizontal ones can make you look broader.
  • Don’t just wear black all the time; instead, wear darker hues. Your closest friend is a solid, dark color scheme! Slimming hues include black, deep brown, deep green, gunmetal, navy, and deep green. Conversely, lighter hues may accentuate size.
  • Avoid crowded patterns in favor of neutral solids. Avoid patterns like small checks, tight plaid, and anything with strong horizontal stripes in general. Bold, complex designs on your shirt can highlight your belly and give you the appearance of being larger.
  • To draw attention to the proportions of your body, use color combinations. You can employ color combinations to your advantage because lighter colors catch the eye more easily and darker hues typically look more slimming. For instance, lighter colored pants and a darker top can assist balance your proportions if your legs are slimmer than your torso.

Useful Accessorizing

  • Try wearing braces instead of a belt. Although wearing braces, sometimes known as braces, can take some getting used to, many men feel that they are more supportive and comfortable than belts. Suspenders can also help you have a better silhouette because belts tend to split your body in half and highlight your stomach.
  • Choose jewelery and timepieces that are big and uncomplicated. Choose larger, more proportionate designs if you enjoy wearing watches. The same holds true for any other jewelery you wear, such as bracelets, rings, and tie clips.
  • Choose wider knots and ties. Look for ties with a thicker end that is at least 3 inches broad. A large chest is complemented by wider ties since proportion is so crucial. On the other side, thin ties may make your torso appear larger.
  • Instead of keeping your essentials in your pockets, carry them in a briefcase or backpack. Maintaining a bulky wallet, phone, and other items in your pockets can increase weight. Invest in a stylish briefcase or messenger bag to avoid packed pockets and detract attention from your waistline.

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