How To Dress For Summer Guys

For males, summer and fashion don’t necessarily go together. When the temps drop, looking good is simple. You may embrace your inner lumberjack and most likely still look good. Yet, Summer is a different kind of monster.

You probably immediately think of summer fashion as being preppy, such as pink shorts, polos, and Topsiders. Preppy fashion does not have the exclusive right to cozy looks, despite the fact that they undoubtedly have the comfort attitude down. This Summer is the time to step it up and make it happen, whether you desire edgy, sporty, rough, or anything in between.

Summer Attire Essentials

There are many other ways you may spice up your summer wardrobe; it doesn’t just have to consist of a t-shirt and shorts. What constitutes summer attire is defied by the items listed below.


The game of summer clothing might be risky. It’s warm. Keep it brief. Rather than buying a 5-pack of Fruit of the Loom t-shirts, spend some money on some more durable options. Design with a minimal aesthetic. Eh, Ed Hardy. No offensive jokes on graphic t-shirts.

Striped T-shirts are the ideal choice. You have three choices if the occasion calls for a little bit of class: polos, long sleeve button-ups, and short sleeve button-ups.

About polos, they go nicely with chino shorts, but you will be veering toward the preppy look, which is okay. Play it down with neutral hues, a tailored fit, and a pair of jeans if that look is not for you.

Be mindful of the heat when wearing button-ups. If you want long sleeves, choose a lightweight linen. If you can locate a plaid shirt that won’t give you a heat stroke, go ahead and indulge in some patterns. Simple light-colored shirts are always simple to find. Simple hues are common for a reason, but avoid becoming monotonous.

The same guidelines apply to short sleeves. Keep it brief. Keep it relaxed. in particular for the beach. Be creative because patterned short sleeves are really hot right now. Hawaiian shirts and bowling shirts are something to stay away from. Don’t dress like a Weekend Dad if you’re not one. But keep in mind that “no Hawaiian” in no way equates to “no floral.”


It might seem strange to talk about trousers in a summer fashion post. Shorts are acceptable (and expected) in almost all circumstances after the temperature reaches about 80 degrees. But this July, you might find yourself putting on some jeans.

Put away your dark wash indigos till October and experiment with brighter hues. Try your hand at that end of the spectrum, but stay away from “true blue” and anything acid-washed. If making such a daring decision is not your cup of tea, choose black. Despite being counterintuitive, black jeans always look stylish.

The case with chinos is different. The breathable material was designed for warm climates. There’s no need to go overboard with your color choices but avoid becoming overly khaki-centric. Everything that isn’t fluorescent, including olive, grey, blue, and other colors, is available.


Chino shorts have seen a dramatic change as a result of the high fashion revival of the preppy look in recent years. Pastels are in, but if you want to avoid a frumpy appearance, switch up your colors. Even though khaki is a neutral color, you don’t have to be conservative. Shorts in black or blue can give your clothes a fresh look.

When the environment is informal, wearing a pair of athletic shorts, mesh or sweat, is a simple solution. Don’t think that they may only be paired with tees and tanks because athleisure is a real fashion staple these days. Try incorporating them into your social wear to expand your horizons. Avoid extremely lengthy and baggy options as you would with any type of short. Just above the knee is always a safe option, but try not to seem like you just leaped out of your dad’s 1970s basketball pictures.

Denim shorts are the third alternative, which is a little more debatable. Avoid falling into the John Cena ruse. If you must wear jorts, make a pair of cutoffs that fit you well. Don’t go too far in either direction for length, and most importantly, don’t assume they go with everything. Although jorts can be dressed up with a beautiful shirt for a more casual look, don’t imagine you can wear them to your boss’s barbecue.


There are numerous footwear choices available to you. Any outfit can be paired with summer footwear like boat shoes or Vans. This season, keep your Vans colors muted. White is timeless and still manages to add some pop. That doesn’t mean your trainers need to be plain; while black and white are classic choices, a stylish pair of low-profile trainers in any colorway can also look great and, when styled properly, offer a stunning pop to any summer ensemble. Summer is the season for white leather trainers. It is versatile enough to go with any summertime ensemble.

A no-show sock or a mid-calf sock must be worn. In summer, socks are acceptable attire. While grey mid-calves are also a viable option, black or white mid-calves are expected to predominate.

Quick Tips

Men’s Summer Clothing Ideas. There is undoubtedly far more solar exposure throughout the summer. Hence, be sure that whatever attire you select is a perfect match for your body shape, complexion, and of course the event. Here are some fashionable summer dress suggestions for men. There are many suggestions available for what guys ought to wear in the summer.


If you are familiar with the fundamentals of fashion, dressing effectively is not that difficult. Try to invest in some excellent summer accessories like a fashionable pair of sunglasses, a cool wristwatch, and a couple of wristbands to go with whatever summer outfit you wear all throughout the season for chic summer dressing.

Dress Up Casually

Since that it is one of the most comfortable dress codes that men could wear, men typically want to maintain their appearance relatively casual. There is a huge fashion movement towards casual wear. You might purchase a shirt with a hip pattern if you want to wear shorts so you can accessorize your casual outfit anywhere you choose. You can improve your dressing style by applying some styling.


Wish your summer attire had a fashionable edge? Here’s a clever trick for stepping up your casual summer shorts ensemble. Simply layer a cotton button-down shirt over your ordinary summer t-shirt to witness the magic happen. Just look at how adorable this boy is dressed in a white basic t-shirt, cotton shorts, and a button-down jacket!

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