Fat Guy Summer Fashion


When runways are walked by the frighteningly thin and advertisements are filled with the tediously buff, the fashion industry can sometimes feel like a closed club to anyone who isn’t a sample size. The cruelest time of year is during the summer when your body’s tolerant layers are baked off and your clothing options are limited to a few feet of cotton. However, despite it appearing to be a stylistic wasteland, there is a possibility there. Everything just comes together if you get the fundamentals right, such as choosing the fits that suit you the best and the most flattering colors. Dressing for a larger frame is all about highlighting your assets rather than believing that you need to cover up flaws.

Quick Tips

Body Type


It’s critical that you are aware of how your body functions and what kind of clothing makes you feel most at ease. The crucial words here are confidence and comfort. It’s totally fine that you have more curves than the average woman does. All it takes is a little effort on your part to create ensembles that are fashionable, enjoyable, and flatter your form. You have a lot of options, and you can use even the most commonplace or straightforward clothing to your advantage. Establish your personal sense of style by identifying your preferences. Balance out the clothing that flatters you if you have a lot of breasts or are short.

The right combination of slacks or trousers with an outfit like a flowy floral top or a plaid checked shirt could easily work in your favor. By choosing turtlenecks, scoop necks, or even plain V-necks, you can highlight your neckline. You may go a long way in your fashion journey if you know what works and what doesn’t. Choosing the proper undergarments is of utmost importance if you are overweight, even though choosing the appropriate clothing is crucial.




Pattern play may be a lot of fun. It can be fun to learn how to combine stripes, floral designs, vertical prints, and boxed prints. If you tend to be heavier than average, we advise always choosing vertical prints over the horizontal kind because they give you a leaner, more toned appearance. You can benefit from using dark hues at night and soft colors during the day. Wear jeans that highlight your curves if you have a breast that is large and a narrow waist. Use the patterns you like to play. Black and white printed designs are timeless classics that can never go wrong.

Get out of your comfort zone, experiment with different patterns, and discover what works for your body. Allow yourself to go forward. Experimentation is crucial. Then and only then will you be able to identify your personal style and what you truly enjoy.



Getting your clothing fitted if you are overweight is one of the best suggestions ever. Accurate measurements will be taken by your tailor, who will stitch items in accordance with your instructions. Well-fitting, stylish clothing is known as “tailored.” They might cost a little more than ready-made, though. Your freedom of choice is the main benefit of having your garments tailored. Everything is up for selection, including the fabric and stitching design. The stitching of maxi dresses, skirts, or attractive floral shirts is an option. embrace your inner stylist with joy!



Adding layers of clothing is always a good idea. Layering can be used to your maximum advantage when you are overweight. Choose a timeless white T-shirt, put on a pair of well-cut blue jeans, and cover it up with a coat. Despite being simple, this ensemble is always impressive. Put on a denim jacket if you are wearing a lovely short dress. It will perfectly finish off your outfit. When done correctly, layering is cool. One of the simplest methods to update your clothing is to do this.

Quality Over Quantity


Prioritize quality above quantity, first. You should pay attention to the fabric’s quality when buying it. Purchase fabric that will last for a long period. Be mindful of your comfort. Buy it if you like an outfit that is a little risky or something you wouldn’t often wear. When you push yourself beyond your comfort zone, you do it in a way that makes you feel good about your body. Choose hues that go well with your skin tone and body type. Colors like reds and various blue and yellow tones can be highly enticing during the day. Choose more subdued hues for the evening, such as grey, black, nude tints, and pastels. These exude an air of sophistication and style.

Loose Fits


The holy grail of summertime is airflow, but it might be difficult to find when you shop at the XL end of the rail. The reason shirts and tees can stick in the wrong places is that marketers typically scale clothing up from a medium rather than taking into account the varied measurements of larger frames. This is done because it is less expensive. Whatever your shape, boxier fits are made to hang away from your skin, which is good for both your appearance and your body temperature.



Cotton is the go-to fabric for summer since it is breathable, absorbs perspiration, and can be washed right away. However, all-cotton outfits might not work because the material has little depth. This is where equally airy fabrics like seersucker and linen come in; they are full of texture, allowing you to keep with simple items in block colors while yet looking put together.



Summer is the perfect season to invest heavily in accessories. Sunglasses, hats, and cross-body bags are all warm-weather necessities that can add interest to simple outfits. They also don’t have any sizing problems, which is helpful. Shoes have the same ability to elevate the commonplace to the remarkable. Just look at how a beautiful pair of suede Chelsea boots can turn your laundry day uniform of jeans and a t-shirt into a distinctive look you’ll wear all summer long.


Apart From these tips you can always take inspiration from celebrities like Jonah Hill, DJ Khaled, and David Harbour. All these stars are great inspirations for your next summer wardrobe collection. If Jonah Hills’ vacation looks are sleeper street fashion like Palace’s less loud tees, camp necklines clothing from Japanese dons Wacko Maria, with the odd bit burst of energy of being something crazy, like a tie-dye Grateful Dead tee or basketball jersey tucked into high-waisted trousers, then DJ Khaled’s looks are untamed Versace shirts, wackier Gucci jumpsuits, and bubblegum pink exact outfits. David Harbour, on the other hand, lets loose in Hawaiian shirts, a velvety blazer, and trousers.

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