E-Girl Aesthetic Outfit Ideas – How do you get an e-girl aesthetic?

E-Girl Aesthetic

E-Girl Aesthetic Outfit Ideas

Our collection of e-girl aesthetic outfits is equal parts feminine, grunge, and 90s. Add a cute e-girl outfit to your wardrobe as an edgy fashion statement or as part of your everyday attire. There are different categories of e-girl aesthetic outfits. Winged eyeliner, thick eye makeup, a childish aspect, and often colored hair are all hallmarks of the e-girl look. Make sure to check out these e-girl aesthetic fashion items along with the reference pictures and see what works for you.

How do you get an e-girl aesthetic?

How do you get an e-girl aesthetic

Egirl is an abbreviation for “electronic girl“. It’s a feminine alternative aesthetic similar to Pastel Goth or Plant Mom. E-Girl is a term that describes a girl who uses TikTok. However, the e-girl aesthetic dates back to the early to mid-2010s.

E-girl is a subculture that has been derived from social networking platforms like TikTok or Instagram. They are often characterized by winged eyeliner and vibrant and heavy shadows, and a child-like aesthetic often associated with anime and cosplay.

E-Girl fashion draws inspiration from Emo and Scene. Goth and Grunge are also examples of their style. E-Girls will often wear their geekiness on their sleeves. They may also wear clothing that displays this geekiness or even cosplay with their fashion choices. Many E-Girls use a lot of makeup, such as freckles and blushing on their bridges or upper cheeks. They also draw wings around their eyes with eyeliner.

An E-Girl is a geeky, sexy, and sometimes dark girl. This is often manifested through an interest in anime/manga and video games.

  • Two thin hair strands are left untied with a middle partition and two pigtails. This hairstyle is similar to Harley Quinn’s hair in Suicide Squad (2016). You can also try bangs, twin tails, or space buns with your hair and split-dye.
  • Large, bold, winged eyeliner with a bright blush on the nose and dark lipstick.
  • Small doodles under the eyes, such as stars or hearts, are also recommended.
  • Under ripped jeans, fishnets and striped shirts are a good idea.

Soft EGirl Aesthetic

Fit your Soft EGirl Aesthetic in this stylish outfit! Includes a yellow checkered skirt, black t-shirt, and black ankle boots. Also, there are two chains attached to the skirt that really make it look cool. The soft aesthetic look also consists of stockings and light-colored undershirts. So make sure to include them as well.

Yellow Mini Skirt E-Girl Outfit 

Anime EGirl Aesthetic

The EGirl Aesthetic style is inspired by the manga aesthetic. It’s characterized by checkered or striped skirts, bandeaus, and (of course) anime-inspired oversized topwear, eyes, and hair. This design features an anime e-girl inspired illustration on a solid oversized hoodie. Wear two plaits with a middle partition for a perfect e-girl look.

Anime EGirl Aesthetic

Black EGirl Aesthetic

This black Egirl aesthetic is for the bold and devilish aesthetic. The black color allows you to incorporate this look into many different tops, dresses, or sweaters. Nothing looks better than wearing a black crop top. For a legit black e-girl aesthetic look, make sure to keep your hair loose, use chunky heels and boots in black.

Black EGirl aesthetic

Grunge EGirl Aesthetic

Surprise your friends with this fashion-forward ensemble for any occasion. This pack has everything, from checkered pants to a rose embroidered slip top to give you the perfect e-girl aesthetic. For an ideal grunge look, tuck the top and wear a buckle belt. Finish the look with ankle-length chunky boots.

Grunge EGirl aesthetic

Red EGirl Aesthetic

E-Girl aesthetic look is created with ripped jeans, tie-dye, black gothic, and dull colors. The Red EGirl look is known as one of the most trendy looks. Stunning red 80s inspired top with black jeans is a perfect red e-girl aesthetic and for a little extra aesthetic element to the outfit, add broad belts and chunky chains to the outfit.

Red EGirl aesthetic

Purple EGirl aesthetic

The skirt and shirt are separate pieces, so you can wear them together or mix and match them with other aesthetic items. Whether your vacationing or just hanging out this drop with its purple mini skirt and tube top is perfect to wear anywhere! This works great for your e-girl aesthetic! Pick extra-long chains and buckle belts.

Purple EGirl aesthetic

Dark EGirl Aesthetic

Express yourself with Dark EGirl Aesthetic. Whether you’re looking for a bold and edgy club dress, or something more grunge-inspired, you’ll find the perfect dark e-girl outfit for your next look. Pair this slip dress with black stockings, heels, or boots, and you’re ready to hit the town.

Dark EGirl aesthetic

Kawaii EGirl Aesthetic

You’re an eGirl. You’re probably an adorable goth baby at heart, with a kawaii twist. Here is a fun, cute, and comfortable Kawaii EGirl Aesthetic outfit. Boxer shorts with drawstrings, baggy overcoats, pretty jewelry, and white sneaker shoes come under the kawaii e-girl aesthetic look.

Kawaii EGirl aesthetic

Regardless of what you are going to wear for an e-girl aesthetic, you should make sure that it is comfortable and light. We hope this curation of e-girl aesthetic outfit ideas helps some of you who are trying to design outfits based on the E-Girl aesthetic, or just looking to become more familiar with it.

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