How to Wear Oversized Hat – How do you keep a big hat on your head?

How to Wear Oversized Hat – How do you keep a big hat on your head?

How to Wear Oversized Hat

Glamorous hats are a great addition to everyday and glamorous dresses. You might not know that oversized hats are a popular accessory for summer. It doesn’t matter if you want to go on a casual trip to the beach or enjoy the sun, it doesn’t matter what your goal is. Editors, fashion influencers and stars on the A-list have replaced their traditional-sized hats by innovative designs. There are many options for style inspiration when creating a look.

Wide Brimmed Floppy Oversized Hat

This versatile, wide-brimmed, floppy hat provides sun protection and exudes style. You can wear it neatly or with a swimsuit. Derby offers a variety of floppy hats that allow you to dress up or turn your head. The floppy hat, which is made primarily from straw but can also be made of wool or polyester, is a summer favorite because of its broad brim that blocks the sun. This hat is perfect for a day at beach, or to be worn at your favorite café with large sunglasses.

Oversized Straw Large UV Protection Hat

These large straw hats offer the best UV protection. It has quickly become an essential summer accessory.

Double-Sided Oversized Hat

Summer fashion is all about double-sided wear, and a foldable sun hat for women with a big brim. This hat’s signature edge makes it UV-resistant and the best part.

Oversized Bucket Hat

The large-brimmed, Korean-style large brim hat for women is very popular. This bucket hat is stunning and can be worn with any dress.

Oversized Beach Hat

Oversized Foldable Straw Hat

The Extra Large Straw Hat has a soft, durable, and breathable fabric that blocks the sun. This large design protects your face, neck and shoulders from the sun. It can be collapsed, compressed, packed, and unformed. The hat can block more than 98% UV rays, providing complete protection for your neck, face, and shoulders. The mesh design improves stretch and durability while the breathable fabric keeps your body cool and comfortable throughout the day. The straw hat is very absorbent. Mesh design makes it more breathable and insulation provides good heat control.

Beach Hat

Tips to Style Oversized Hat

Hats can be used to express fashion and add a finishing touch. It’s also a great shade accessory for the scorching heat. These are some ways to wear an oversized hat.

Oversized Hat with White Shirt

It should be the longest you can find so that your dress fits well. It can be left as is or you can add a belt to make it more fitted. A tailored shirtdress is a better choice if you prefer something more fitted.

Oversized Hat with White Shirt with Jeans

You can take the same oversized shirt and tuck it in straight jeans. Then, pair your dress with an over-sized hat. You will be astonished.

Lovely White Flower Pants and Bando

White linen wide trousers can be paired with a white top. A peninsula top is a tube top that can be worn alone or with other items such as a twist top or top with a ribbon or corset.

Pair Oversized Hat with Maxi Dress

For a casual, chic look, pair it with a straw cap and a floral maxi dress or midi dress. For a classic, minimal look, you can opt for a white linen mini dress.

Oversized Hat with Swimsuit

If you have booked your summer vacation or have access to a swimming pool, you may be able to wear a hat and a swimsuit together. A neutral-colored swimsuit (e.g., off-white, brown) will look great with your hat.

Slip Dress and Linen Shirt

A black satin slip dress can be worn with a linen shirt to create the perfect look for a mid-day cocktail or a drink at an outdoor café. To emphasize your waist, keep the shirt open and tie it around the waist. You can add white or black strappy sandals to your outfit, as well as your favorite chunky necklace in gold. Add a oversized hat to complete the look. The hats that kept your cocktails cool under the sun will be a hit with you.

How do you keep a big hat on your head?

Hat pins

My favorite hat pins? Vintage! These pins are the most classic and have been around for the longest time. They are also decorative and I love them! You can find them at ETSY, vintage shops, or if you’re lucky, you might be able thrift one!

Hat Elastic

Hat elastic is an excellent option because it is simple and can be hidden in most cases. Hat elastic can be found in any haberdashery shop. I got mine here in Australia from Spotlight. Attach it to the sides, cut to the correct length, and you are good to go.

Bobby Pins

This is not the best way, but it works if you only have a few pins. Simply slide in two pins on either side of your inner hat band and then push down on the top of your head.

A Hair Comb

This one I use all the time! For extra durability, I add a hatpin to my hats. I hand-stitch hair combs onto all my caps before I wear them.

How To Rock Your Oversized Eyeglasses? Are oversized glasses OK?

How To Rock Your Oversized Eyeglasses?

How To Rock Your Oversized Eyeglasses?

This is a common problem for many of us who have smaller nose bridges or facial features. How can you wear large glasses without looking like you are drowning? Because “oversized” means “too large”, many people mistakenly assume that glasses that are too big should fit their faces. This is incorrect. There is a way to wear the glasses comfortably.

While it might seem like your glasses are falling down, this is normal and natural. However, properly fitted frames don’t require multiple adjustments throughout the day. You don’t have to be afraid to try oversized glasses. They will not fall down your nose.

Styling Tips to Rock Oversized-Glasses for Your Face Shape

Step 1: When choosing eyeglasses, consider your facial shape

Once you have determined your face shape, it is time to search for frames that will match it. You can use various internet charts to help you determine your face shape. There are many frame styles you should avoid.

  • Round: If you have a round look, there are visible curves on both the sides of your face. There may be fewer angles or cheekbones to show if you have more defined angles. Your face is approximately the same size in width and length.
  • Oval: People with oval faces have balanced features and a chin that’s slightly narrower than their foreheads.
  • Oblong: If you have an oblong-shaped face, your face will be more long than wide. Your nose will likely be longer and have a straight line between your cheeks.
  • If you have a triangular base-down face, your forehead will be smaller and more rounded.
  • Base-up triangle: If you have a base up triangle face, your top third is very wide and the bottom third is narrow.
  • Diamond: This is the most unusual face shape with a narrow jawline, eye line and dramatic cheekbones.
  • Square faces have a strong jawline, a wide forehead and a square face. Your face is the same length and breadth as your body.

Step 2: Avoid wearing round glasses if you have a round or oval face

You don’t need to wear large eyeglasses if you have a round face. Rectangle or square eyeglasses can help balance your round face. Avoid round or rimless frames as they will not complement your round face.

Step 3: Go for large frames if you have an oval-shaped face

Frames with strong bridges and frames that are wider than the widest part of your face should be considered if you have an oval-shaped face. Geometric-shaped frames look great when paired with an oval face. Avoid over-sized glasses that cover more than half your face. You may lose the natural balance and symmetry of your face if you have large frames.

Step 4: Longer glasses can balance an oblong facial shape

To make your oval-shaped face look more balanced, choose a wider frame than a shallower one. Frames with a low bridge should be chosen. Avoid small or circular frames.

Step 5: You have two options. Cat-eye and broad frames.

Wide or cat-eye frames are best for a base up triangle or a base down face. A frame with color, detail and a few patterns at the top can draw attention to the restricted upper third of a base-down facial’s face. Another option is cat-eye frames. If you have a triangle-shaped base, choose larger frames at your base to balance the wider top. This face shape is best suited for frames with rimless and light colors.

Step 6: Cat-eye glasses are a good option for people with a diamond-shaped faces.

If you have a diamond-shaped head, oval or cat-eye glasses are the best. These frames will highlight your thin forehead and chin, while emphasizing your cheekbones. Avoid frames that are too narrow or too boxy.

Step 7: Avoid angular frames if you have a square face

Opt for oval or round frames that rest on the bridge of your nose for square-faced people. Avoid frames with angular shapes that draw attention to your angular features. They could make your face appear larger or heavier.

Step 8: Selecting the right glasses for your face shape

Take advantage of your best facial features. Your spectacles shouldn’t be a hindrance to your best features. Frames that emphasize a certain feature of your face such as strong cheekbones or bright blue eyes can be a great choice.

For example, you could choose to complement your blue eyes with blue frames or to match your red eyebrows. You can also use contrasting colors. You can also pair purple frames with green eyes.

Step 9: Your skin’s color should match the frame’s color

Your skin tone should also match your glasses. Eyewear that matches your eye color will look better on most people. Your skin tone is more important than your hair color and eye color when choosing eyeglass frames.

If you have cool skin, choose frames in black, pink, silver, blue, grey and mauve. These frames won’t wash your skin.

If you have warm skin, look for frames in light tortoise or beige, brown tones and olive green. Avoid pastels and white frames.


Oversized frames are a timeless look due to their elegant and clear image. These frames look great, no matter if you are wearing retro-vintage reading glasses or trendy giant sunglasses.

How to Wear Oversized Watch – What is an Oversized Watch?

How to wear an over-sized watch

How to wear an over-sized watch

It is clear that the recent trend for wearing large watches among women has been a growing trend. Oversized watches are becoming more popular over the years. Although an oversized watch is not a common choice, there are times when you might want to wear it. Some women prefer simplicity while others like to go all out. A versatile watch is the best choice for daily wear. An oversized watch can bring out the bold side of your wrist and add an extra touch to any outfit.

For those with larger wrists, large timepieces work well. A large watch with a stylish timepiece is the best choice for those with wide wrists. No matter what your case, this trend can appeal to you regardless of your size. Choose a watch that is large enough to fit your wrist. Many women have been seen sporting oversized watches. You can read the entire post to learn more about oversized watches. You will be able to find the latest oversized watches on the market. We are watch lovers.

What is an Oversized Watch?

This question may be asked by many people. How does “big” compare to “extra-large?” The watch that you wear may be too large or small depending on how it fits. There is no standard size that a watch can be classified as “large”, large, or extra-large. The term “oversized” is used in the watch industry to denote a watch that is larger than the “average”.

Here are some suggestions for women who own an over-sized watch

An oversized watch is the ideal accessory. Oversized watches are a great choice because they have large dials and interchangeable bands. These are just a few of the suggestions that will help you look your best.

Davosa’s Grande Diva Watch

Davosa's Grande Diva Watch

Grande Diva watches are a timeless watch that exudes elegance and femininity but is not overtly feminine. The watch’s best feature is its delicate spiral and wheel interactions, subtle jewels and design idioms. The elegant, playful femininity of the Grande Diva by Davosa is captivating. With its delicate details and skeleton dial, the 42mm Davosa Grande Divia inspires confidence. The set includes 12 curved sets with gemstones. A second sub-dial is at 6 o’clock. The bezel is reinforced with gleaming gems. This crocodile-patterned, calfskin strap conveys the mystical beauty of this jewel in a feminine, elegant, and extremely comfortable way.

Olivia Burton Women’s Woodland Watch

Olivia Burton Women's Woodland Watch

Olivia Burton’s large watches in rose gold and burgundy are beautiful and elegant to look at. The watch features a burgundy leather strap, and a rose gold-plated case with a curious bird and flower landscape. The watch retains its masculinity, but it also has a large face that is trendy.

Casio Women’s Bezel

Casio Women’s Bezel

Casio’s bezel oversized watches are feminine and bold, but not too cute. The pink and white analog watch has a quartz movement, three dials with decorative accents, and a bright pink trim. The adjustable band and scratch-resistant resin make it lightweight.

Tissot Chrono XL Watches

Tissot Chrono XL Watches

The Tissot Chono XL watch has a 45mm diameter case. Large cases also mean a larger dial, which makes it easy to see the time. There are three versions of the Tissot watch in leather. They come in brown, with stylish stitching, and paired with a black or dark green dial. Two matte stainless steel bracelets and cases are also available for those who don’t like leather straps.

Nixon Women’s Kensington Leather Watch

Nixon Women's Kensington Leather Watch

The Nixon is powerful and seductive. From the color of the shiny metallic leather strap to the ion-plated case and bezel, to the sleek stainless steel case and bezel, it exudes elegance. The Nixon oversized watches’ dial faces feature long, sharp lines that mark the hours. This is a minimalist yet elegant design for practical women. Nixon watches are water-resistant up to 50 meters.

Scargen Gite Round Slim Mesh Strap Watch

Scargen Gite Round Slim Mesh Strap Watch

Scargen Gite Round Slim watch features a stylish, large and clean strap that adds a refreshing touch. The modern design can be customized to your preference of metallic color, such as silver, gold, or rose gold. The safety clasp closure allows you to secure the watch. It features a quartz movement and a mineral crystal face.

Gucci Unisex Interlocking Dial leather Strap Watch

Gucci Unisex Interlocking Dial leather Strap Watch

Gucci’s oversized watches are very fashionable and highly sought-after. The simple but sophisticated two-handed movement is complemented by the dial’s grooved effect. The bezel, which is gold-plated and has two interlocking Gs, is elegantly designed to create the Gucci logo. Gucci’s luxurious clasps for pins and buckles are luxurious, offering the ultimate flexibility.

A big face, leather strap watch is now the most popular choice for women. It replaces a feminine watch and gives them a glamorous, bigger watch. Women are increasingly wearing larger, sportier watches at work, celebrity events and anywhere else, unless they are wearing a dress. Wear a dress and an oversized watch to look trendy and stylish.

Oversized Earrings Trend – Are big earrings in style 2022

An overview of the oversized earrings trend

If there’s one essential accessory that can quickly boost the power of any outfit, it’s a lovely earring. They can add a lot of style and personality to any look, and therefore nowadays, people are finding interest in various earring trends, including the oversized earring trend. Hence, they are a great way to make an ordinary outfit stand out.

The history of the accessory is fascinating. People began using earrings as a symbol of wealth, and now they have become a fun stylistic element. When it comes to wearing earrings, there are no rules. Match them to your particular style! Therefore, this article will discuss the oversized earring trend and various oversized earrings.

oversized earrings trend

Types of oversized earrings

Oversized ear cuff dangler

Dangle earrings are gorgeous. They have similarities to drop earrings but are pretty different. Ear cuffs, on the other hand, are pretty unique and classy. While both are exceptional, blending them is also not a wrong choice. The oversized ear cuff danglers are gorgeous and very trendy.

Women love wearing it because of its unique style and ease of wearing. It can feel a bit heavy since it’s oversized, but it will be amazing. You will find many different designs under this type and hence can get anything you like. You can go for something heavy and gorgeous or choose classy yet straightforward.

Oversized round stud

Stud earrings usually refer to small earrings that you can place on top of your earlobe and fasten. They are trendy, and everyone loves wearing them. But oversized studs are also very much in fashion. Even though not many people can pull it off, they look very stylish.

Studs are different from other earrings because of their structure. They do not dangle or drop down from your ear. The oversized ones are a great selection, and you can wear them with different costumes. A range of designs and shapes are available, and you can easily choose the one you love.

Oversized drop earrings

Drop earrings look very elegant and are perfect for an evening date. You fix them on your earlobe, similar to a stud earring. However, these earrings fall or drop slightly below the earlobes. The oversized drop earrings look identical to a dangle but are pretty different.

A comprehensive collection of various types of oversized drop earrings are available. You can either get something chic and classy for your office party or something dramatic and heavy for a wedding or festival. No matter what, these earrings are very different and can create a statement of their own.

Oversized dangle earrings

The dangle earrings bear a resemblance to drop earrings. You can fasten the top half of the earring that will snugly lie on the earlobe. At the same time, the rest of the earring hangs freely below the ears. They have an intricate design and can easily that glam factor to all your outfits.

Because of their structure, people also identify them by the name of danglers. The oversized dangle earrings are appealing and stylish types of earrings. It can complement any outfit with its elegance and playfulness. The versatile nature of these earrings allows you to wear them with formal and ethnic wear.

Oversized Jhumka earrings

You can easily refer to Jhumkas as a classical beauty. They go along perfectly with every ethnic wear and make you look gorgeous. Their structure is very similar to a dangler. You can fix the upper part on the earlobe while the bottom part hangs down. It is widespread, and people love wearing it.

The oversized Jhumka earrings are a must in your wardrobe. They are available in an array of beautiful and dazzling designs that will make your entire look elegant and luxurious.

Oversized hoop earrings

A pair of hoop earrings are perfect for every occasion. They are the simplest yet most incredible pieces of jewelry. Women love wearing it because of its lightweight and simple design. Even though available in various sizes, oversized hoop earrings are the most popular.

The oversized ones are available in different shapes, like round, rectangle, triangle, etc. They provide a theatrical look and make you look amazing. You can even get a pair of oversized earrings with pearl or thread designs.

Different ways to style oversized earrings

The oversized earring trend is inspiring different women to try out these fantastic jewelry pieces. These earrings are incredibly cool and create their statement. Your outfit gets a dramatic yet classy look due to the oversized earrings. However, knowing how to style these earrings is very important.

It would help if you remembered that the main thing while donning these earrings is distributing the weight. While they may add pressure to your ears, they will also create a gorgeous statement. Therefore, avoid wearing a neckpiece. You can wear bracelets and rings, but keep them subtle.

Since the oversized earrings have their statement, pair them with a simple outfit. Don’t go for something that is heavily decorated. However, if you wear a bold outfit, keep your earrings simple. Avoid wearing oversized earrings with a bright and glittery color.

Your shoes have to be extremely bold. Since these earrings will attract much attention to your face, you will have to balance them out. Lastly, go for something that matches your outfit. It will look excellent and make you stand out. You can also choose contrasting colors.

A set of lovely earrings should always be a staple in your clothing, regardless of the season. There is a clear preference for large earrings in the fashion industry, so big earring trends are so popular. These earrings will help you to up your style and make you look stunning.

Therefore, instead of thinking about whether to get one, hurry up and step up your collection by selecting a range of beautiful oversized earrings.

How to wear oversized heels – Tips and Accessories

How to wear oversized heels – Tips and Accessories

The most annoying thing is that when you ordered a favorite pair of heels, they were big when you tried them on. Well, this is one of the common issues among women. Instead of regretting buying and leaving it, you will get tips and tricks to wear more comfortable oversized high heels.

When wearing too big shoes, your feet aren’t receiving proper assistance, meaning that they must overwork to support your body. This, in turn, causes you to walk in an unnatural and often dysfunctional way that leads to foot-related issues. If you have no choice but to wear oversized heels, here are some easy life-saving hacks to help make your heels fit better.

How to wear heels that are too large

Many factors can put you in a situation where you wear oversized heels. But life isn’t perfect, and neither are our shoes and feet, so it’s never a bad idea to make your shoes tighter by adding a few inexpensive shoe accessories. If you’ve gone through the shoe shrink process too much and have done some damage to your shoes, check out my post on the best adhesives for shoes and boots! That is, how to make the boots smaller? Here are some popular ways to wear heels that are too large. Use thick cotton socks, insoles, sole pads, etc. Which one you choose will depend on the type of heel you want to wear and your budget. You can use easy tricks to sew your significant heels and put them on.

Wear Thick Cotton Socks

Thick cotton socks are great for heels that hide your feet. These include kitten heels, spool heels, ankle boots, flared heel boots, and similar styles. Cotton socks offer a temporary and affordable solution for tight-heel situations! Do not wear boot socks because they are too long. Crew-cut cotton socks would be perfect.

Heel Liner for Heels

A heel liner or heel insert backing for a shoe is a 3-inch strip secured to the inside back of the shoe’s heel. They are great for reducing size, preventing heel slipping, and increasing comfort. It does a lot of work for such a little strip!

Toe inserts for oversized Heels

If you have closed-toe shoes too long for your feet, here are some great options. You can easily add toe inserts for too large shoes to act as shoe fillers. It is recommended to shorten the shoe length and can also be used with a foot cushion. This makes the forefoot part of the shoe tighter. Or combine toe inserts with heel liners and ball cushions to make your shoes even more comfortable!

Using a special gel as a footpad

The presence of an insole to help with handling oversized heels shoe filler gel also has the effect of making your feet look pretty when worn. You can make oversized heels more comfortable, and you can buy shoe filling gels from online or offline shoe stores.

Try using insoles and sole pads.

The insole and sole pad make wearing bigger heels amazing. They are a small investment but fit easily over the soles of the feet. It can be worn on any type of heel, even if the heel, toes, and sides of the foot are exposed. Insoles and ball pads work by shifting your weight back to your heels. This will help relieve pressure, improve posture, and maintain ankle stability. Most insoles and sole pads come with long-lasting adhesive backing.

When to avoid Oversized Shoes

There is no better way than to say this. You can wear loose-fitting heels, but sometimes the shoe size mistake comes back. So, to keep your feet and legs safe for as long as possible, it’s ideal to know when not to wear heels that are too large.

While Walking Long Distances

Imagine a day before you put on oversized shoes. Estimate the amount of time you will walk, especially if you expect to be too busy to stop. Avoid large shoes if you will be walking long distances. Walking for a long time in large shoes is directly related to discomfort. And it can cause injuries like blisters or sore spots.

When running or hiking

Shoes too large are not suitable for strenuous activities such as hiking or running. Oversized shoes don’t have the balance, comfort, and support you need to run or hike. So, do not wear shoes that do not fit your feet. Simple.

When passing a rocky road

Also, avoid rocky areas where you can trip over when wearing large heels. But, if you must wear it, take it off the ground entirely and take it one step at a time. That way, you are less likely to fall.

When going up and down the stairs

If you spend a lot of time moving between different building floors, don’t wear oversized heels. Instead, wear shoes that fit and feel comfortable.

Everyone knows that feeling of finding the perfect pair of shoes and trying them on, but the shoes are too big. There are plenty of tricks to make your feet smile and get your oversized heels on without looking bad.

How to wear an oversized scarf to add charm to your outfit?

How to wear an oversized scarf to add charm to your outfit?

The flexibility to layer is one of the most enjoyable aspects of pulling out our oversized wardrobe in winter. And what about the icing on the cake? The oversized scarf. The oversized scarf, a dynamic, long scarf that you can style in many ways, is an adored fashion classic. It is a must-have in any woman’s closet because of its adaptability. How to wear an oversized scarf? You will have a bunch of choices when it comes to styling them. They’re an excellent complement to your wardrobe because they’re snug, cozy, and elegant.

However, it might not be easy to pick the design that best suits you with so many variations. Don’t feel afraid by wearing an oversized scarf; think of it as your comfortable best mate who will add sophistication to your look throughout the winter months.

Tying it in a loop

Loop is a classic old-school strategy that works well with a long scarf. First, the individual must fold the scarf in half horizontally and then bring it together.

The following action is to wrap it around the nape of the neck, one side slightly shorter than another. Grab the long side, loop it around your neck, and then bring it back to the front.

Afterward then, one will have to slide that end through the hoop. Propose adjustments to your personal preferences. This is a timeless way to wear a scarf that never goes out of fashion. This is suitable for a party or even a formal occasion.

Tying it in a loop

Tying a double knot

Tying a double knot

This is a sophisticated spin on the loop scarf style. Continue with a scarf in a rectangular shape. To make it shorter, fold it in half lengthwise either once or twice, then wrap it around your neck with the ends dangling in front of you.
After that, create two knots. Begin by tying one knot, organizing it, and then tying another knot and arranging it.
It is a refined style that will set you apart from the rest.

Wearing the scarf as a Cape

You can wear a scarf like a cape. It’s super stylish and engaging.

Merely tie a long scarf over your shoulders and knot it at the front in a tidy knot to finally achieve the shawl aesthetic. You can adjust it to make the scarf higher or lower as preferred.

Wearing the scarf as a Cape

Wearing the scarf like a Wrap Top

Do you wonder how to wear an oversized scarf in an elegant yet seamless manner? You can carry your scarf as a shirt. It’s a pretty fashionable way to tie the scarf, and it adds a touch of sass to the ensemble. It’s a pleasant and convenient way to dress an added dimension.

Drape the scarf over your shoulders and across your chest to make it complete. Let the edges dangle and use a knot or belt to bridge the gap. If you’re running late for a party after work, this style is ideal for giving your outfit a contemporary appeal. It’s simple but elegant.

Wearing the scarf like a Wrap Top

Wrap the scarf like a Poncho

Another creative idea to drape an oversized scarf is to wear it like a poncho. Spread the scarf out widely and curl the tip just a little, tucking the fringes under for this look.

You will have to throw it over your shoulders firstly. Flip it so that the edges are in front.

Make changes to your desire. This enhances your outfit with a vintage touch, and you can pair it with anything.
It’s incredibly adaptable and gives you a polished look.

Wrap the scarf like a Poncho

Wearing it like a Headscarf

You can wear it as a headscarf. This approach keeps your head cozy while having a timeless, rare vintage aesthetic.

To make a wrap, tie the scarf around your head like a hood and then fold the other end underneath. It’s terrific for keeping you nice and warm and comfortable during the chilly winter months while also adding creative flair to your wardrobe.

Oversized Rectangular Scarf as a Headscarf

Styling it like a Bandana

One of the trendiest scarf ensembles is to wear your scarf as a bandana. This is the most popular way to carry an oversized scarf. It’s a fresh take on donning a scarf. To get this look, one will have to create a triangle with the scarf as an initial step. To do that, cross the scarf across the center.

Next, with one hand, grip the triangle’s two opposite edges. Place the two ends above your head, overlap them and bring them to the front. Keep the two ends dangling to each side or tuck them under the rest of the scarf. It’s entirely up to you. You can further style it as per your preferences.

This look never fades and is always on the spot. To look your best, pair it with a pair of skinny jeans.

Styling it like a Bandana

Wrapping the scarf like a Cardigan

Wearing the scarf as a cardigan is an innovative way to dress it. It’s a highly modern and sleek style that can set the tone when you walk into a place wearing it. Cardigans, specifically during the fall season, are an excellent way of adding a protective layer to any ensemble. In addition, you may achieve the cardigan appearance in two simple steps!

Wrap your scarf around your shoulders like a cardigan and let it drop free in the front. Keep it open by placing a belt around it. It’s one of the most elegant and beautiful ways to wear this style.

Wrapping the scarf like a Cardigan


A scarf is an elegant accessory that makes your outfit more exquisite. There are countless variations to wearing a scarf, but sometimes minimalism is the best choice. Simply throwing a scarf over your shoulder can dramatically elevate an otherwise bland ensemble.

It’s an ideal complement to any wardrobe, and you can never have too many scarves or be wary of how to wear an oversized scarf. Style it as you want to add a touch of spice to your outfit.

How to Wear Oversized Rectangular Scarf

How to Wear Oversized Rectangular Scarf

If you just got a rectangular scarf and are wondering how to wear an oversized rectangular scarf, you are in the perfect place. A rectangular scarf is a piece of fabric worn around the neck or the head. The rectangular scarf serves to provide us with sun protection, warmth, and cleanliness.

These scarves look very fashionable and charming. Scarves are also used to show support for a sports club or team. We make the rectangular scarves using wool, cotton, linen, or silk. The rectangular scarf is very common neckwear. We will tell you about how to wear an oversized rectangular scarf. So let us begin.

Oversized Rectangular Scarf as a Basic Drape

Oversized Rectangular Scarf as a Basic Drape

You can wear an oversized rectangular scarf as a basic drape around your neck. All you need to do is take the oversized rectangular scarf and drape it evenly around your neck. Let the oversized scarf hang loose. This style is ideal if you wear a very simple outfit but want stylish. This great style will help you make a statement even if you are wearing an ordinary outfit. You will look very elegant and classy in this style.

Oversized Rectangular Scarf as a Headscarf

Oversized Rectangular Scarf as a Headscarf

On a freezing day, you can wear an oversized rectangular scarf as a headscarf. To wear the oversized scarf as a headscarf, spread out the oversized fabric and drape it evenly over your head. You have to toss one end of the oversized rectangular scarf over one shoulder. You have to throw the other end of the oversized rectangular scarf across your other shoulder. This look will give you warmth and keep your head and hair clean. You can also wear an oversized rectangular scarf as a headscarf during summers to protect yourself from the sun.

Oversized Rectangular Scarf as a Figure 8 Scarf

Oversized Rectangular Scarf as a Figure 8 Scarf

Wearing an Oversized Rectangular Scarf as a Figure 8 Scarf is a unique and exciting way to style the beautiful oversized fabric. To achieve this amazing look, you have to fold your oversized rectangular scarf in half. Then, drape the rectangular fabric around your neck. This will form a loop. Next, take the top end of the rectangular scarf and pass it through the loop. You have to twist the loop then create another loop. Pass the other end of the rectangular scarf through this second loop. Adjust the scarf properly and rock this exciting look.

Oversized Rectangular Scarf as a wrap

Oversized Rectangular Scarf as a wrap

You can wear your beautiful oversized rectangular scarf as a wrap. This look appears very classy and is very easy to do. You have to treat your oversized rectangular scarf as a shawl. You have to spread out the oversized fabric and then wrap the rectangular scarf around your shoulders evenly. Then, leave one end of the oversized scarf as it is and throw the other end of the scarf across the opposite shoulder. You will look gorgeous and stylish if you wear your oversized rectangular scarf as a wrap.

The Pretzel Knot for an Oversized Rectangular Scarf

The Pretzel Knot for an Oversized Rectangular Scarf

You can tie a Pretzel Knot using your Oversized Rectangular Scarf. Tying a Pretzel Knot using your oversized rectangular scarf is the classiest way to style your beautiful scarf. This look will definitely give you an exquisite appearance. First, fold your oversized rectangular scarf in half and wrap it evenly around your neck to tie a Pretzel Knot. You have to keep the looped end on one side of your shoulder and the loose ends of the rectangular scarf on the other side. Pass one of the two loose ends of the oversized scarf through the underside of the loop. You have to take the other open end of the scarf and pass it through the top side of the loop. Adjust the tie and rock your fabulous look.

Oversized Rectangular Scarf as a Belted Drape

Oversized Rectangular Scarf as a Belted Drape

You can wear your beautiful oversized rectangular scarf as a gorgeous belted drape. Take your oversized rectangular scarf and drape it evenly around your neck. Let the ends of the scarf hang. Then, take a stylish skinny belt and fasten it over the oversized rectangular scarf at your waist. This style is ideal if you wear a simple outfit and want to turn it into something interesting. Tying a large rectangular scarf as a Belted Drape will transform your look from “meh!” to “whoa!”.

Oversized Rectangular Scarf as a Poncho

Oversized Rectangular Scarf as a Poncho

You can also wear your oversized rectangular scarf as a Poncho. To wear your rectangular scarf as a Poncho, take the piece of oversized fabric and wrap it around your shoulders evenly. The ends of the oversized scarf will be let loose. You can tie a belt to make it appear even more stylish. Tying a large rectangular scarf as a Poncho will complete your stylish winter look. The oversized rectangular scarf will not only provide warmth but will also fill the missing piece of interest that your outfit would be lacking. You can choose a scarf with an attractive color or a fun print to make a style statement.

Oversized Rectangular Scarf as an Infinity Scarf

You can wear your oversized rectangular scarf as an Infinity Scarf. This look will go with all your formal outfits. Take your oversized rectangular scarf and place it around your neck to achieve this look. Then, you have to tie a knot at the end of the rectangular scarf. Tie the knot again. After securing the knot twice, twist the scarf. You have to loop your oversized scarf around your neck then and adjust it to fit correctly. You are ready to rock your fabulous oversized rectangular scarf as an infinity scarf and make a style statement.

There are many ways to style your oversized rectangular scarf in different drapes and knots to make you look very fashionable.

Ways to Style a Bandana

Ways to Style a Bandana

A bandana, also written as a bandana, is a colorful, big piece of cloth made of cotton worn by men and women of all ages. There are many different bandanas, but they have the familiar shape of a square or triangle. Traditionally, we used a bandana as a protective shield for the neck and the head or decorative purposes. Still, nowadays, its uses have moved much further than just a protective shield. We have different bandanas that come in various colors and have multiple purposes.

When we talk about Bandanas, the first thought that comes to our mind is a protective shield for the head or the neck or just a decorative object for the head. But now, this scenario is completely changed where Bandanas have gained their platform of style, fashion, and variety. Bandanas are now available in different colors and patterns and are casually and professionally styled. Let us take a look at the different ways to style a bandana.

Ponytail prom queen

Ponytail prom queen

A classic ponytail is the best for any occasion. A ponytail can quickly go with almost any outfit to make you feel more beautiful about yourself. And a classic Ponytail Prom Queen is the best. You have to tie a simple ponytail and decorate it with your favorite Bandana around it to upgrade your style for this hairdo. A ponytail prom queen is the best while going for a dinner date or a simple day out.

Bandana Bun

Bandana Bun

Do you ever want to look perfect for your day but don’t feel like doing complicated hairdos? Then a simple Bandana Bun is the perfect match for you. For this, you need to tie your hair in a simple bun and tie your Bandana around it. You can use a bandana that matches your outfit’s color for something that complements your style. A Bandana Bun is perfect for a simple hairdo for professional workspaces.

Modern-Day Cinderella

Modern-Day Cinderella

The Modern-Day Cinderella is a famous style for wearing a bandana and has recently gained popularity. It is a Bandana Kerchief and the name Modern Day Cinderella comes because of its looks. This Bandana looks similar to Cindrella’s heat shield, which she uses in her everyday life. You can buy a bandana that has been designed specifically for the look or even fold your square bandana into a triangle and then tie the ends, and then you can decorate your hair with it. This type of Bandana is excellent for a cozy weekend or an evening Barbeque.

Parisian Girl

Parisian Girl

We all like to set our outfit and combine it with little accessories, looking better and enhancing our style. A Parisian Girl is the bandana style you need to add that little magic to your outfit. For Parisian Girl, you need to fold your Bandana and tie it around your neck, making it a perfect bandana choker that can complement your look more. You can either tighten the Bandana to make it look like a choker, or you can leave it loose, making it look like a necklace. It is named this way because it gives Parisian vibes.

Classic headband

Classic headband

We can use Bandanas in a wide variety of styles, making you look more fashionable and excellent. A Bandana can also be worn as a stylish headband. To use your Bandana as a classic headband, you will have to fold to a thin line and then use it as a headband. This is an excellent way of securing your hair and keeping it out of your face. A classic headband bandana is perfect for studying, errands, or hanging out.

Toes Home Headband Bandanas

The Toes Home Headband Bandanas are among the coolest ones out there. To make these headbands, they use stretchable polyester fabric. These bandanas are the favorites for bikers, hikers, campers, and everyone who loves to enjoy outdoor activities. You can also use these bandanas as masks or even a neck gaiter.

Army Universe Bandanas

The Army Universe Bandanas are one of the most popular among all the other types of bandanas. This Bandana, made out of cotton, is usually worn by people who want to fashion strictly. They are available with different circles, squares, and many more decorative designs. These bandanas have bold colors like red, black, military costume prints, leopard prints, and many more, upholding a sense of power.

Cowgirl chic

Cowgirl chic

Here comes the most relaxed bandana style, the Cowgirl chic! This look is the most incredible yet straightforward look of all time. You will only have to fold your Bandana in a triangle and tie the ends behind your neck to create the chic Cowgirl or cowboy look to gain this look. You can style it with your low-cut shirt or even make the cowgirl/cowboy look. This gives you a classic look and adds extra glamor to your style.

In this article, we have listed some of the most popular and unique bandanas out there. You can use any of these styles to upgrade your look and shine brighter. With a Bandana, you can match your outfits with the most simple Bandana pattern to the craziest and coolest ones. May it is for a dinner date or camping in the mountains, a Bandana is a perfect fashion partner for anyone.