Big Guy Fashion


Have you ever tried on an XL T-shirt from Zara that was so small it fit like a crop top? Or tried to put on a pair of Topman jeans, but you were unable to get them past your calves? If the answer is “yes,” you most likely aren’t the only one. You’re not “fat,” therefore that’s probably not the reason either. An XL garment can still feel uncomfortable on someone who is 6 feet tall, 209 pounds, and has a healthy BMI of under 20%. However, if you can’t fit into the size ranges of some brands, society still considers you to be “big.” This doesn’t seem fair, especially if you spend most of your weekday evenings squatting at a gym rather than gorging on hamburgers.

A recent survey found that 34% of men had trouble finding clothes that fit their body type, whether it was due to being too big, small, plump, thin, or for any other reason. Given that we genuinely do come in a variety of sizes and forms due to biological diversity something that most clothing manufacturers who produce on a wide scale simply don’t take into account this isn’t very surprising. Or, more precisely, if they want to turn a profit, they can’t afford to.

The typical menswear company just has a basic policy on size diversity. Starting with the specifications of their fit model, the real-life mannequin for whom the sizes are as near to what the company chooses to believe its clients are in real life, they design clothing. The majority of producers then merely add or subtract inches while preserving the ratio in order to construct bigger and smaller sizes to finish a size range, oblivious to the reality that that’s not truly how bodies work.

It kind of overlooks the idea to say that the explanation for some brands’ regular size ranges doesn’t fit someone as well is that they’re, well, too big, given that the majority of us buy off-the-peg rather than having our whole wardrobes tailored for us individually.

Naturally, there will always be individuals who worry that accepting size variation only condones undesirable behaviors. that encouraging greater body diversity in the media or applauding the success of plus-size models actually serves to exacerbate significant health problems like obesity. But as a study has demonstrated, stigmatizing overweight people not only accomplishes little to combat the problem, it actually makes it worse.

Styling Tips For Big Guy Fashion


Trend change, but style lasts forever, according to one of the most esteemed French fashion designers, Yves Saint Laurent, once said. This quote has been preserved by the generational trend-setters. Inclusion, along with all the lovely adaptations of the self it gives, such as comfort and originality, is the current buzzword of the age. It’s never been more popular to wear plus-size clothing, which ranges from blingy to bland, vivid, and colorful, to monochromatic wonder. Here are seven fashionable suggestions for plus-size guys to spruce up their collection, with identity as the foundation of today’s culture and drawing out one’s inner appeal through fashion initiatives.



Choose what’s personalized for you. Finding a tailor who is aware of your body type is one of the best fashion choices you can make to help you look and feel your best. This is crucial for those with plus-sized bodies since a professional may help realize one’s vision and offer a fit for clothing that flatters a particular person’s figure. Clothing that fits well always looks sleeker, hides flaws, and works brilliantly with a variety of accessories, from dress watches to sunglasses.



Sneakers are here to ensure easy wearability for all the huge men out there! They are a lightweight and extra sketchy wardrobe staple! To cater to this “Sneaky” movement that is here to stay, all shoemakers, from luxury to fast fashion, have gone all out by including a bright assortment of sneakers! Sneakers never fail to complement your bulky form and are not only super-cool but also adventurous and trendy. They are a hit with every outfit, from suits to casual shorts, and they each make a small statement.



Suspenders come out on top. Thanks to their many advantages, suspenders are ideal for plus-size men. They are a far better go-to accessories than belts, which expose your tummy and draw unwanted attention to it. They are a wonderful tool for ensuring good posture. Suspenders make any attire for the big man feel incredibly cozy while also adding proportion to it. They fit perfectly on a variety of garments, making them the ideal choice for any occasion and offering everything required for the ideal plus-size style.




Add a splash of color and pop. When done correctly, plus-size outfit styling goes very well with colorful prints and styles. It frequently takes attention to detail. Although wearing black will never go out of style, now is the perfect time to be outrageous and experiment with all the gorgeous colors! The Roaring 20s are back, and it’s always a good idea to give one’s wardrobe a new lease of life with floral prints and vibrant coats that create a stand-out look while detracting from the paunch.



Try the dark academic look; it’s a plus size trend that will make an impression and can truly suit your body type with tailored waistcoats and dark, baggy undershirts that create a classy vibe. The newest millennial trend, known as “dark academia,” is a full subculture and fashion revolution in and of itself. The vintage trend has nearly a million hashtags on Instagram and is chic, sophisticated, and classic. Subdued colors like black, grey, and brown, which are solemn tones known to camouflage the bulge, are some of the distinctive components of the clothing one can play with. Additionally, fabrics like leather, wool, and tweed look wonderful on a plus-sized man.



All of these designs and patterns, including stripes, flowers, and chevrons, immediately catch the eye. As a result, it is beneficial to understand when, when, and how to use them. Reserve vibrant patterns, prints, and even contrast colors for the body portions you’re willing to show off. Wide horizontal stripes, for instance, will just draw attention to an already protruding belly, which is okay (we don’t judge), but only if that was your initial goal.

Try Before Purchase


Always. And by always, we mean. Even if you might be short on time, it wouldn’t be a good idea to purchase something online or pick something up off the clearance rack during your lunch break if it made you appear like sausage flesh bursting from its casing. Spend a few moments trying things on and examining how it fits in the mirror. Never is it not worthwhile.

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