Best Pants For Big Belly And Skinny Legs


Everybody has a different concept of what the ideal pair of jeans should look like: Tall people prefer longer inseams, whilst others with wider hips might prefer a high-waisted flare. However, other folks are looking for a fit that will accommodate their fuller tummies. The denim industry today looks better than it did in the early 2000s, not different. There are no stylistic restrictions thanks to the incredible design technologies of today and stretch denim that supports and rebounds effectively. Just make sure the jeans you buy are trendy, provide you with adequate support, and aren’t too tight around the waist.

Your body type is more inclined to resemble an apple if you have an even distribution of weight around your midsection and slim legs. When choosing an attractive attire for an apple-shaped form, balance is key. Some types of jeans can accentuate your belly and make your top look excessively bulky, but they are not the best option for you.

Read on to learn the best type of jeans for women with big bellies and skinny pants, whether you want to feel more secure in your postpartum body or desire an ultra-comfy pair of jeans.

Best Type Of Jeans



If you’re self-conscious regarding your apple, straight jeans may serve as a stylish middle ground between slim jeans and the more conventional pants jean. Although it doesn’t have the same showing potential as slim jean, straight jean has a slim shape that will go well with your long legs.



I like trousers jeans because I am a pear-shaped woman. My apple-shaped sisters, however, enthusiastically recommend this pair of jeans. I’m not certain about it. Sure. If you’re seeking balance, the larger thigh and generous calf will counterbalance your upper side while hiding your small legs. The trouser pants’ wider waistband is perfect for a bloat day. On Apple forms, though, this pattern often comes off as ugly. Typically, this is a result of the fit being sloppy when it ought to be elegant. (Again with the skinny games!) Your entire focus should be on this look. Feel free to give up on it in favor of a thinner profile if the fit is poor.



Bootcut jeans with a mid-rise are the perfect storm. The stomach is kept under control by the solid mid-rise. Your legs appear longer because of the narrow curve through the thighs. A slimmer upper side is balanced by a little extension of the jean opening just below mid-calf. Wear a light denim blue bottom with a darker top to create harmony in your universe. Try a brighter top and darker jeans if you want to highlight your curves.



Sisters who are shorter than average should use caution with this style because jeans that are cuffed at the mid-calf or higher risk removing what little height you do have. Conversely, if you’re tall, cropped jeans are all about showing off your legs or keeping the crop below mid-calf. Although cropped jeans come in a variety of colors and styles, the most pleasing option is straight or slender jeans.



A girl occasionally needs some breathing room. The waistline is accentuated by the boyfriend jean pattern. To avoid your apple losing all of its contours in the mass, take care not to go too baggy. Instead, choose jeans with a slight taper for a more svelte appearance.



Want to call out those cheap games to anyone and everyone? Don’t mind the skinny jeans. When selecting skinny jeans, try to find a mix of thicker denim that will give you stomach control and enough stretch (like spandex) to adhere to your legs in all the appropriate spots. By the end of the working day, a little polyester will prevent you from experiencing a droopy butt. Maintain a close eye on the inseam length because you possess longer legs. Consider going an inch longer to allow for shrinking if the pair you’re purchasing is mostly made of cotton.



This trend can be killed ten times over. Because they cut an even narrower expanse over your thigh and knee, flared jeans perform much better than bootcut jeans. The flare starts higher than the bootcut, just beneath the knee, so just when you believe this jean is all about flashing your assets, it starts. Flared jeans are the ideal showstopper while complementing your top half if you’re willing to ride floral power.

Are Skinny Jeans Suitable For A Big Belly And Skinny Legs?


Slim jeans look well on almost everyone, but they’re not the best choice for a big stomach and long legs. Your tiny legs are highlighted by the skin-tight fit and the tight ankle openings, which are great for showcasing your legs but not for presenting a balanced appearance. As was already mentioned, maintaining a suitable balance is crucial. Slim jeans draw attention to your lean legs while also emphasizing your curvier torso, giving you a top-heavy appearance. Although they look similar, slim-fit or slimmed straight-leg jeans can give you the impression of skinnies without making you look top-heavy. Nevertheless, your body is well balanced because to the enormous ankle hole.

Are High Waist Jeans Suitable For A Big Belly And Skinny Legs?


Refuse to wear high-waisted jeans if you have a big stomach and long legs. It’s certainly not the most attractive appearance when your elevated jeans dangle at or above your navel, highlighting the biggest part of your body. Mid-rise and low-rise jeans are preferable if you have a large belly (and are more comfortable). In order to prevent constriction or amplification of your belly when you sit, they sit slightly below your natural waistline.

Almost everyone has trouble finding pants that fit properly because we all have different body types. People with wider hips and shorter legs might even be more challenging because they need to pay more attention to proportion. The wrong pair of jeans could give them a top-heavy appearance and highlight the wrong parts of their body, giving them an unbalanced and unattractive appearance. Make a prudent choice while picking out your jeans because we believe that everyone should feel good wearing them.

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