Best Neckline For Broad Shoulders And Small Bust

Even though it is perfectly acceptable to have broad shoulders and a tiny chest, far too many women with this kind of physique feel constantly self-conscious due to their pronounced apparent lack of upper curves. But even by cultural norms, a tiny bust may be simultaneously attractive and seductive. Choose tops and bottoms for your own body type to start. Continue to play around with shape, color, and pattern to make your chest look better while minimizing other characteristics that you are more self-assured about.

Below we gathered a few very helpful tips and necklines you can opt for in a similar kind of situation.

Necklines To Try

Discovering what you enjoy can be aided by learning to navigate some of the more conventional do’s and don’ts for your shape. Keep reading to find out more about the ideal necklines for your physique if you have a small bust.

Boat Neck

The boat neckline is a neckline that has a larger fit on the body. When dressing for a smaller bust, the horizontal line that this neckline across the shoulders provides places greater emphasis on the chest and neck region of the body.

Another neckline that is frequently advised against when the chest is larger is this one. This neckline is a good option to check out if you want a neckline that doesn’t expose much skin but still enhances your shape slightly.

Choose a lengthy necklace or a statement pair of earrings for accessorizing this style of neckline. You should avoid wearing shorter necklaces since they frequently add too much mass to the neck and detract from the figure-flattering features.


The v-neckline is another traditional and reliable neckline that fits most body types. This is undoubtedly another choice that truly suits a petite breast.

V-necklines, like the scoop neckline, draw extra attention to the neck region of the body when worn. A tiny bust might use this to its advantage when working with illusions and proportions.

Because a deeper v-neckline can occasionally make a tiny bust appear smaller, the majority of fashion experts advise picking less dramatic v-necklines with a small bust. But, getting the ideal depth for your particular shape truly requires some trial and error.

Scoop Neck

The scoop shape is undoubtedly one of the best necklines for a tiny bust. With a modest bust, this soft form greatly flatters the neck and face region by drawing attention to those areas of the body and giving them a slight boost.

Depending on your particular choice and comfort level in exposing more skin, keep the scoop minimal or make it a little more pronounced. If you wish to extend that part of your body, get an item with a deeper scoop.

Off Shoulder

If you have a tiny breasts, you can experiment with this neckline. Because of the way they lay over the torso, emphasizing a smaller bust, off-the-shoulder styles are a significant fashion triumph.

Generally speaking, a large bust should avoid wearing this neckline because it dramatically bulks up the contour. Small busts should embrace the neckline for the same reasons that larger busts should avoid it. If you already have broad shoulders, this neckline is the best choice because it exposes your shoulders, which will further draw attention to how wide they are.


Use Your Chest Size to Your Benefit

When you start stressing over how to get your chest to appear larger, think of all the possibilities for making the most of your flatness. There are numerous styles that are inappropriate for women with larger busts. But for women with flatter chests, these styles frequently look great.

  • More transparent shoulders and strapless tops are recommended. Because a typical bra’s strap will show through, these tops are notoriously challenging to wear with bras. These tops can be worn by women with flat chests without a bra.
  • Attempt a bandeau top. A bandeau top is a piece of clothing that ties around the bust and leaves the stomach exposed. The bandeau can be worn for a stroll down a beach boardwalk or while on an island vacation, but it is not acceptable in all situations.
  • Use a bandana or scarf as your top. Hermes scarves and other huge square designs go particularly nicely with this. Women with smaller busts can easily pull this look off because scarves-based shirts are frequently gently knotted together, but larger-busted women might be concerned about “falling out” of such tops. Another factor that makes these tops better suited for ladies with flat chests is the fact that many of them frequently call for the wearer to go braless.
  • Consider a dress with side openings. The fact that you can see the wearer’s side makes these dresses unflattering with bras. The fact that so much of the chest is visible when wearing these dresses means that they frequently do not suit ladies with larger busts. But, women with flatter chests can get away with showing a little of what they have without having to worry about doing so in a way that makes them look indecent.

Use Bold Colors And Patterns

Strong colors and patterns can be used to provide the appearance of more space. So it is always a good idea to play with different types of colors and patterns.

  • Make use of color. Use light colors and pastels, especially over the bust. Dark hues have a slimming impact and may cause your breast to appear smaller.
  • Consider covering your chest with horizontal stripes. Horizontal stripes provide a spreading effect that frequently makes small chests appear broader.
  • Look for blouses that cover the rest of the body with a solid hue beneath the bust and horizontal stripes across the chest. The impression of the stripes is further enhanced by this. Other patterns can be be created using the same theory. Include a single color over your stomach and a design above your bust.
  • Think about flowery patterns, geometric shapes, and polka dots. Decide which pattern best complements your body type and personality by trying on a few different options.

Should Choose a Fit that Highlights Your Bust

Your attire should look tidy and fit snugly. Moreover, think about wearing clothes that draw attention to your waist because they tend to elongate the bust.

  • Put on clothing with a defined waist because this will assist you look to have an hourglass figure.
  • Keep an eye out for tops and dresses with empire waists. Empire waists conceal the waistline while making the bust appear larger, making them a particularly ideal choice for ladies with small busts and wide midsections. If your stomach is little, take into account an empire waist.
  • Avoid wearing sloppy, loose-fitting clothing. Nothing but hiding the curves you do have is accomplished by this.
  • To further accentuate the look of a curvy hourglass body, put on tight-fitting wrap blouses and dresses as well.

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