Best Neckline For Broad Shoulders And Short Neck

Many ladies are unaware of how important necklines are for outfit style. Any adjustment in the neckline, no matter how modest, can radically affect the aesthetic and the way an outfit looks on your body. This is large as a result of the fact that dressing for your body type is mostly reliant on creating illusions and fiddling with proportions and balance.

Aim For The Best Style

Some necklines may not ‘feel’ quite right with your shape if you have broad shoulders, as you have already observed. Let’s first examine the general “rules” for your form to assist clear up any uncertainty you may have regarding the neckline:

Rule 1

First, stay away from any neckline that draws attention or adds weight to the shoulder region. Instead of harmonizing your body, these kinds of patterns tend to emphasize your broad shoulders and make them look even wider.

Rule 2

Second, seek necklines that focus more emphasis on the center of your body when you choose them. This aesthetically draws attention, reducing the prominence of your broad shoulders without really “hiding” them.

Necklines You Should Try

Now that you are aware of the fundamental principles to bear in mind while selecting the appropriate necklines, let’s take a closer look at some of your top choices.


Unquestionably, the v-neckline is one of the most traditional and well-known necklines. It is a timeless piece for good reason; it looks wonderful on a variety of body shapes and is quite comfortable to wear, but it works especially well on broad shoulders.

Because they subtly lengthen the neckline and direct attention to the body’s center, V-necklines are a terrific option. Which is something that elegantly balances big shoulders. The availability of several v-neckline varieties is one of their greatest features. There are several to choose from while browsing an offline or online business.

The good news is that you may wear any v-neckline that suits your own preferences, whether it’s a modest v or one that exposes a little more skin. It goes without saying that the v-neckline can be altered to work with all sleeve lengths, making it a wonderful alternative for your autumn and winter wardrobe to remain warm and enhance your figure.

Halter Neck


Strapless necklines are yet another flattering option for large shoulders. A fantastic way to balance out broad shoulders is with halter necklines, which create structure and lengthen the body. The halter design attracts attention to the body’s core, just like v-necklines do. A halter neckline gives you the chance to show off your shoulders if that’s what you want your style to be about. This is how the two look different from one another.

Another technique to balance wide shoulders is by lengthening the neck and thoracic region of the body. When a body is lengthened, the wider part of the body seems narrower. The halter neckline can be something you want to make a mainstay in your wardrobe if you have a short torso and large shoulders.


It could surprise you to learn that the asymmetrical neckline is a very fashionable and attractive alternative. One-shoulder necklines are another name for this. Asymmetric necklines are an uncommon choice, but because of the way they lie diagonally across the torso, they enhance broad shoulders beautifully.

In addition, this neckline creates the appearance of a softer profile, which spreads the attention throughout the body rather than keeping it all on the shoulders, which is a terrific quality if you have broad shoulders that you want to balance out.

This style’s ability to give an outfit a sensual, feminine appearance is something else that makes it so unique. Even though the ensemble is merely a straightforward long sleeve shirt and pants, the addition of the asymmetric neckline truly takes it to the next level.

Scoop Neck

Since it is an additional choice that looks well with broad shoulders, the following classic neckline is included on the list. In that it serves to accentuate broad shoulders, this is quite similar to the v-neckline. When choosing scoop necklines, you should take into account how broad they sit on your body. The look of your shoulders may appear wider if the scoop is overly broad.

Avoid this by sticking to scoop necklines that are placed more narrowly, which will give you a V-neck impression. You may be wondering whether there are any necklines to steer clear of now that you are aware of some of the most attractive choices for broad shoulders. In conclusion, there are a few people with broad shoulders that aren’t the most attractive.

Necklines To Avoid

Anything with a neckline that places a lot of extra focus on the shoulder region should be avoided. In general, it can be challenging for those with broad shoulders to wear the majority of strapless garments without their shoulders appearing even wider. But to assist you to navigate through, here are a few details:

Off Shoulder

This style is ‘off’ the shoulders, but it’s the location that makes it challenging for ladies with broad shoulders. Because of the way the sleeves wrap around the shoulder area, this neckline is similar to turtlenecks in that it makes the shoulders look wider than they actually are.

Boat Neck

You may certainly imagine by now why a boat neckline isn’t the best choice for broad shoulders. If not, the same logic applies as to why the first two are undesirable. You probably got it, the wider neckline placement expands shoulders. There are several different boat necklines, some of which aren’t nearly as broad over the shoulders. Even with the more slight modifications, they are frequently not the most attractive course of action.


Unfortunately, wide shoulders are not the ideal fit for this traditional neckline. The issue with turtlenecks is how much attention is placed on the shoulders and neck. In addition, since a turtleneck hangs so high on the body, the shoulder area tends to seem wider due to the way the frame is cut off at the neck.

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