Best Neckline For Broad Shoulders And Big Bust

The female body is stunning and should be admired. Although having broad shoulders and a large bust can be disadvantageous, dressing for your curved body presents special difficulties. Although necklines change with fashion trends, it’s crucial to know which choices are appropriate for your particular body shape because of how much of an impact they can have on how you dress.

To choose a flattering neckline, keep some of these suggestions in mind when you go through your closet or go shopping.

Necklines To Try


You have probably seen a sweetheart’s neckline at least once if you’ve ever looked for a fancy dress. However, formal attire isn’t the only place to find it! In fact, casual attire incorporates the sweetheart neckline. On top of that, it’s a fashionable and attractive choice for ladies with a big busts and broad shoulders. It is among the better possibilities since it incorporates some of the characteristics of a v-neckline while adding a slightly more feminine touch.

Because they seem so similar, a sweetheart neckline and a v-neckline are sometimes confused by those who are unfamiliar with them. The distinction is that when it approaches the shoulders, the “v” form begins to curve somewhat rather than stretch all the way through. You are getting the best of both a v-neckline and a scoop neckline form thanks to this rounding. This is a terrific option if you want to give an outfit that also accentuates a huge bust a more feminine look.


The asymmetric neck is a design that may surprise you but does wonders for enhancing a huge breast. Now is a wonderful moment to invest and build your collection if you don’t currently have any items with this neckline.

For a few different reasons, women with huge busts might rely on an asymmetrical neckline. This neckline’s diagonal line lies over the torso, lengthening the body by drawing attention upward and downward. Not only that, but it also gives the shoulders and busts the appearance of being a little thinner than they actually are due to that line. This is especially true given that the asymmetrical aspect detracts little from the bust.

The range of available designs is one of the most interesting aspects of the asymmetric neckline. If you believed that asymmetrical necklines could be worn by everyone, you would be mistaken. There are several types of asymmetric necklines, from those with just one sleeve to those in which the only asymmetry is in the neck opening.

Square Neck

The square neckline is probably a neckline design that you don’t hear about all that frequently. This neckline form is incredibly attractive, so if you’re not familiar with it and you have a huge bust, you should start getting acquainted. The square neckline opens up the area around the breast to give your figure some lovely elongation, much like the scoop and v-necklines do. The squared-off form is essentially the primary distinction.

Even while it may be a neckline that truly enhances a huge breast, most stylists advise against it if you have broad shoulders and/or a square face shape. Due to the sharpness of the square neckline, it might give the illusion of a wider shoulder area, making shoulders that are already wide appear even wider. The ideal candidates for this choice are ladies with broad shoulders and huge busts.

This should also be avoided if you have a square facial shape because it might give the face and form overall a more masculine, sharper vibe. Not the most attractive option: square face + square neckline.

Scoop Neck

Scoop necklines are classics in the fashion industry, much like the v-neckline. An occasional scoop neckline can be found in all retail establishments. Additionally, it is a favorite neckline among fans for women with larger busts because it is another classic style.

One style that works well with a large bust is the scoop neck, which has a soft, feminine appearance. What actually aids in achieving this is the neckline’s subtlety. Breaking up the gap between the bust and neck will be achieved by a flattering scoop neckline. Though this might occasionally make a larger bust appear lower on the torso, avoid an overly deep or exaggerated scoop neckline.

To create a more elevated, elongated feeling from the neckline, keep the scoop in the center area between your bust and neck. The fundamental distinction between a scoop and a v-neckline is that a scoop has a more rounded, soft feel, whilst a V-neck has sharper lines that slim with the angling of the design.


First on the list is a timeless style with a neckline that always complements a big breast. For ladies with large busts, more open necklines, such as a v-neckline, look better. Not only does it narrow the region around the chest, but the vertical line that the v shape creates lengthens that part of the body, giving the appearance of a thinner physique.

It’s not necessary to concentrate on making a huge chest appear smaller; instead, lengthening and slimming are effective techniques to prevent the addition of mass to the body. The ‘lifted’ appearance that the v-neckline produces is another benefit, especially when worn with a large bust. The eye is drawn upward once more by the vertical lines and V-shape. The natural, subtle lifting effect on the breast is achieved by directing the gaze upward. As many shorter women have shorter necks, a v-neckline also serves the function of lengthening your neck if you chance to be a petite lady with a high bust.

Necklines To Be Careful About

Crew Neck

Particularly when it comes to t-shirts or sweaters for colder weather, crewneck is highly fashionable. However, you should exercise caution with them if you have a large bust. Anytime you wear a crew neckline, it merely draws emphasis to your breast, making it the centerpiece of your whole ensemble. If you don’t want that, then be cautious when wearing crew necklines.

Turtle Neck

A lot of females with huge busts make the error of choosing necklines with high necklines that hide the breast region of the body, such as a turtle neck. Closing off the torso and emphasizing the chest are the effects of closed necklines like the turtleneck.

Instead, choose T-shirts or casual sweaters with larger round necks or narrow V-necks, which will expose more of your neck and chest and detract attention from your bust.

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